TIAS Suspends Strike Action During Lunar New Year 資方允分階執行 桃勤釋善意春節不罷工

The chairperson of Taoyuan International Airport Services personally attended a meeting between the union members and the company. In the end, the company agreed to increase year-end bonuses and implement the union's six major demands in stages. The union said they will suspend the strike action.

Taoyuan International Airport Union members wore personal protective equipment with the character for "sadness" written on them. They were unhappy with their unstable working conditions during the pandemic and the difference in year-end bonuses between Taoyuan International Airport Services and parent organization China Airlines Group. The former's collective bargaining agreement hasn't been updated since 2000, and allowances are no longer able to keep up with inflation. The union demanded an immediate resolution to this issue as well as better working conditions.

Chiu Yu-cheng, Director, Taoyuan International Airport Union: “Right now, it takes too long to get promoted at Taoyuan International Airport Services. To sum up, we believe these six demands are imperative and require immediate adjustments. That's why we asked the Department of Labor to mediate between us and the parent organization. Regrettably, the negotiations on Dec. 30 collapsed.”

The union requested that Taoyuan City's Department of Labor mediate between it and the parent organization in December, and listed six major issues. They included increasing the nighttime allowance from NT$50 to NT$75, increasing salaries by 4 percent, an additional bonus of NT$80,000 in addition to the year-end bonus of one month's salary, and an epidemic bonus of NT$15,000. The union also wanted the establishment of a normal promotion system and the opportunity and timetable for part-time staff to become full-time staff. On Jan. 4, the chairperson of Taoyuan International Airport Services personally attended the meeting between the two sides. The department kept abreast of the situation.

Chang Che-hang, Section Director, Taoyuan City Dept. of Labor: “The city government, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and others are all continuing to work to negotiate between labor and management.”

Huang Tai-lin, Professor, Chang Jung Christian University: “You have to make adjustments to this linkage to performance unless there are internal regulations or other things or else performance will be overemphasized under the current situation.”

Scholars say the government holds shares in Taoyuan International Airport Services, and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, labor, and management will need to find an equilibrium. According to reports, during the meeting on Jan. 4, the company agreed to raise year-end bonuses and implement the other demands in stages.










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