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Taipei Councilor to Sue over Parking Fine Incident 徐巧芯遭爆違停不開單 信義分局稱是誤傳

Taipei City Councilor Hsu Chiao-hsin is embroiled in an illegal parking controversy after she is rumored to exert pressure on a police officer, who eventually left without issuing a ticket. Both Hsu and the police have denied such reports.Taipei City Councilor Hsu Chiao-hsin apologizes to the public for parking illegally. However, she says the rumors of her pressuring the police not to fine her are false and she will sue the person that spread the rumor.Hsu Chiao-hsin, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “I told the officer I was Hsu Chiao-hsin, and this is my car. I did not say I was a city councilor or anything like that. Why would I declare that? It was the officer that asked for my ID first.”Hsu says she told the officer several times to go ahead and write up the fine, but some people insist she must not have used a nice tone of voice and intimidated the officer into not fining her. Hsu says tone of voice is subjective and she did not try to unduly pressure the officer.Hsu Chiao-hsin, Taipei City Councilor (KMT): “This has severely damaged my reputation and the situation has been extremely stressful. That's why I intend to sue.”The person that started the story has already apologized, admitting they didn't research the story and spread false information without any evidence. However, Hsu says this isn't enough when her reputation has been damaged and police body cam footage showed she was telling the truth.Hsu You-yu, Deputy Chief, Sanzhangli Police Station: “(Hsu Chiao-hsin) did initially mention that drivers are usually let off with a warning, but after that, she said it's OK, go ahead and write up the fine. At that point, the officer decided not to proceed.”The police say the entire conservation between Hsu and the officer was very calm, and Hsu has been reissued a fine. It also says it will strengthen officer training.國民黨台北市議員徐巧芯面對鏡頭再次向大眾道歉,因為紅線違停惹出爭議,更被爆出施壓員警不得開單,應該以勸說為主,但她嚴正反駁指控內容。徐巧芯說:「我出去的時候我跟他說我是徐巧芯,然後這是我的車,但是呢我也沒有講說我是徐巧芯議員啦或什麼之類的,為什麼會表明身分是因為員警有主動先要求提供身分證件。」徐巧芯回應,當下多次要求員警要開就開,但外界還是質疑她若語氣不佳反倒會讓警方不敢開議員罰單,她則表示,語氣各自解讀但絕對沒有施壓,而面對爆料者造謠,她也決定走法律途徑提告到底。徐巧芯表示:「這對我造成很大的名譽的損壞,也給了我很大的壓力,所以這一方面我想我基本上,還是會提出告訴。」儘管爆料者已經致歉,指稱查證不實誤傳訊息,但徐巧芯認為她的名譽受損更讓大眾扭曲誤解,決定不姑息。而警方檢視密錄器影像後也還原當時過程。北市信義分局三張犁派出所副所長許佑宇表示:「(徐巧芯)有在提到說她知道是先勸導,那後來就說沒關係那還是一樣開,那我們同事就沒有做開單。」警方表示,當下雙方態度很平和,已經補開紅單舉發,針對員警違失行為會依規定處理,加強教育訓練。但當時的密錄器畫面至今始終沒有公開,當下情況為何,對外界來說始終還是謎團。

Taitung Meat Market Shuttered Due to Outbreak 台東肉品市場傳人員確診  今起休市4天

Taitung Meat Market Shuttered Due to Outbreak 台東肉品市場傳人員確診 今起休市4天

A meat product market in Taitung announced that it would close for four days starting from the 20th after 4 of the 5 butchers were infected. The news resulted in shoppers flocking to markets to stock up on pork.Taitung County's meat product market has been shut down for disinfection in the wake of a cluster infection. As four butchers in one production line tested positive, retired butchers have been recruited to come back to work. However, the market now won't reopen until May 24 due to the manpower shortage.Hsu Chia-hao, Director, Agriculture Department, Taitung County: “Even though we've asked former workers that have since retired to come back and we have also provided administrative workers to help, we still can't cope.”The news resulted in many shoppers heading to the market to stock up on pork. The Taitung County Agriculture Department says the ROC Swine Association provided additional 100-plus hogs to the market on the 19th to stabilize demand. Pork vendors at the produce market also prepared a larger supply than usual.Mr. Hsu, Pork Vendor: “We can't work for several days but we still had to have pork in stock for customers.”Ms. Kuo, Citizen: “How much more did I buy? Enough to last me these few days (when the market is closed).”The county government says the infected workers can return to work on the 24th and it will ask the meat markets in Hualien or Pingtung for help if the labor or pork shortage continues.台東縣肉品市場傳出群聚確診,星期三有員工快篩陽性,肉品市場這兩天都在消毒。由於關鍵生產線的5位「操刀手」有4人確診,分切肉品人力吃緊,雖然緊急找回退休員工來協助,還是無法正常運作,肉品市場被迫宣布休市4天,下週二才會正常供應肉品。台東縣農業處長許家豪表示:「即使我們徵召了以前都已經退休了、都70幾歲的,以前的工作夥伴也都回來,而且我們還有包括,我們行政人員全部投入到整個屠宰線上,但是大家還是沒有辦法負荷。」菜市場裡,來買豬肉的民眾也多了起來,而且比平常多買了一些豬肉。台東縣農業處表示,肉品市場員工發生確診後,跟養豬協會協商,會員們決定原本每天供應2百多頭豬,19號就多提供1百多頭豬,穩定市場需求,菜市場的豬肉攤商也比平常多準備一倍的量,供應民眾的需求。豬肉攤商許先生指出:「這次休那麼多天,有的人要來買,不能沒有貨。」民眾郭女士說:「多買多少,就是這幾天(休市)的量要買起來。」縣府表示,肉品市場確診的操刀手預計下週二可以恢復上班,但如果還發生人力不足、影響肉品供應,縣府也有備案,還有花蓮和屏東的肉品市場,可以向他們請求支援,不會影響肉品正常供應。

Only Tainan Univ. Not to Fully Implement Distance Learning 全台南唯一未全面遠距  南台科大生不滿

Only Tainan Univ. Not to Fully Implement Distance Learning 全台南唯一未全面遠距 南台科大生不滿

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology is the only university in Tainan that does not have remote learning. Its students alleged that the school has done a less than ideal job in disease prevention and exposed them under a higher risk of infection.Students rushed to the classroom early in the morning because Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology is still hosting in-person classes. The local epidemic has increased sharply and spread to schools. STUST has more than 300 confirmed cases. However, the university has not announced remote teaching yet, causing dissatisfaction among students.Student, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology: “It is because the number of confirmed cases in our school is quite high. And I feel our school has properly disinfected our campus. I think safety is more important than anything.”Student, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology: “Safety is more important when compared to in-person classes. We should wait at least until the epidemic slows down a bit.”Student, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology: “Assuming distance learning is fully implemented, it will still not work.”There are more than 18,000 students at STUST. Other Tainan universities, including Cheng Kung University and the National University of Tainan, have already announced distance learning until the end of this semester. STUST explained that some engineering students need in-person lab time and distance learning cannot overcome this problem. After listening to student needs, the university is allowing students to choose whether to study remotely or in-person to ensure each student's rights.Lin Chih-hung, Vice President, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology: “Because some courses require physical work or practice. Or some require lab time or like gym class. These all require students to come to school to participate. Some students need to use school equipment for their courses. So our consideration was from a student's perspective.”As for the students' allegations that the university is not effective in epidemic prevention, the school emphasized that relevant epidemic prevention actions are all handled in accordance with regulations. As of the 20th, as many as 75 colleges and universities across the country have implemented distance learning until the end of this semester. STUST said it will decide whether to implement full remote learning after communicating with students.南台科大校園裡頭,學生一早就趕著到教室上課,因為學校還是實施實體授課。本土疫情暴增延燒校園,南台科大也出現300多例確診個案,但校方卻沒有宣布要遠距教學,引發學生不滿。南台科大學生說:「就是因為我們學校確診數蠻高,然後感覺消毒也沒有真的落實,因為比起說實作好了,我覺得安全比較重要。」另一位南台科大學生也認為:「安全跟實作,還是覺得安全重要一點,至少要等疫情遲緩一點。」不過,也有一名南台科大學生表示:「假設全部遠距,但也沒有效果。」南台科大學生數1萬8000多人,但有別於其他學校,包括成功大學、台南大學等都已陸續宣布全面遠距到期末。南台校方解釋,有些工科學生有實作需求,遠距並無法克服這個問題,但也聽到學生需求,改為學生可自主選擇要遠距還是實體上課,確保每位學生的受教權益。南台科大副校長林志鴻表示:「因為有些課程它是需要實作或是像實驗課,或是像體育課,這些都是要來學校參與。另外,有些是要用到學校的設備,所以我們的考量,會從學生學習的一個情況。」至於學生指稱學校防疫不力,校方強調,相關防疫作為都依規定辦理,截至今日早上10時為止,全國大專院校已高達75校遠距教學到期末,至於南台要不要全面遠距,則有待校方再與學生溝通後決定。