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Refugee Center in Turkey Running Out of Supplies 土耳其台灣中心估 物資勉強可撐1到2週

The first group of search and rescue personnel sent by Taiwan to assist in search and rescue operations in Turkey following the devastating earthquake on Feb. 6 has not yet reached its destination due to weather and environmental factors.Roads in Turkey's Hatay Province were flooded after the earthquake on Feb. 6 resulted in intruding seawater and ruptured pipelines. The Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens is located in this province, near the border with Syria. It is housing several hundred women and children. The disaster area currently has no water or electricity, so there is no heating at the center. It has offered its diesel generator to people to use to charge their phones, and estimates its supplies will only last one to two more weeks. It doesn't know whether its supplies can be replenished.Chiu Chen-yu, CEO, Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens: “Supplies may come in, but I don't know whether how much will be left when they ultimately get to Reyhanli and the Taiwan-Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens because resource allocation to disaster areas is always a political issue, especially to one with so many Syrian refugees.”The centre said Reyhanli doesn't have a government and plundering, insurrections, and looting are all concerns. Taiwan previously donated huge quantities of supplies to Ukraine, resulting in freight costs of more than NT$200 million. This time, the centre worked with the Taiwan government to set up a Taiwan depot in the city to effectively classify supplies and provide precise assistance. Meanwhile, the first group of search and rescue personnel deployed by Taiwan remains en route to their destination.Lin Yu-chang, Interior Minister: “It was estimated that it would take four hours for the first group of search and rescue personnel to reach the disaster area and start their work. However, they're only halfway there after seven hours. You can imagine what it's like there, and how terrible the environment is.”Interior Minister Lin Yu-chang said the personnel would stay in the disaster area for as long as they're needed.強震後海水倒灌加上管線破裂,重災區哈塔伊省的道路汪洋一片,夜晚走訪緊鄰敘利亞的土耳其台灣中心,這裡收留了數百位婦女和孩童,由於災區呈現斷水斷電、沒有暖氣的狀態,台灣中心提供柴油發電機給災民充電,預估物資勉強還能撐一到兩個禮拜,但後續物資能不能順利補給,連志工自己也不知道。台灣雷伊漢勒世界公民中心執行長裘振宇表示:「當這些物資進來的時候,我都不知道最後能夠到雷伊漢勒市、到台灣中心的時候還剩多少,因為在這種災後的地方,在災區、尤其是敘利亞難民這麼多的地方,資源分配永遠都是政治問題。」裘振宇表示,雷伊漢勒市目前是無政府狀態,災後容易出現掠奪、暴動或搶劫,加上台灣人當時捐贈烏克蘭物資爆量,衍生巨額運費2億多元引發爭議,因此這次與台灣政府將在當地設立台灣倉庫,有效分類物資,精準幫助災民,不過第1批出發的搜救隊截至中午仍在路途上。內政部長林右昌指出:「我們第1梯次的搜救隊員,原本預計4個小時就會到達災區展開救援工作,不過目前為止他們還在半路,時間已經經過7個小時,所以各位就可以想像現場環境有多麼惡劣。」至於搜救隊將在災區停留多久,林右昌回應,只要災區有需要、人力可以負擔,台灣搜救隊將在當地持續救援。

Flu Epidemic Rising With 10 Severe Flu Cases, a Death 流感疫情升溫  增10例重症.1例死亡個案

Flu Epidemic Rising With 10 Severe Flu Cases, a Death 流感疫情升溫 增10例重症.1例死亡個案

While COVID-19 epidemic slows down, the number of flu cases gradually grows. The Centers for Disease Control reported 10 new severe flu cases and one death.As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to slow down, Taiwan reported over 20,000 new domestic cases on Feb. 7, representing a four-day drop consecutively. Public health specialists noted that Taiwan's population immunity, including that from natural infection, vaccines, and herd immunity, is at around 55 percent. Based on the experiences of Australia and Korea, even with total relaxation of disease prevention restrictions, medium to severe cases will not increase drastically. They recommend practicing meticulous self-prevention to achieve the next level of relaxation of COVID restrictions.Chen Hisu-hsi, Professor, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University: “If those who are likely to be in touch with vulnerable groups all get bivalent vaccines, then we can expect group immunity to reach 70 percent. Then Covid alert level may be lowered and restrictions relaxed.”However, the flu epidemic begins to heighten. The CDC announced that there were more than 47,000 patients with influenza-like symptoms checking in at hospitals last week, an increase of 28 percent from the previous week. Among these, severe flu cases increased by 10 cases, with the youngest patient being an 8-year-old boy, who is currently being treated in ICU. Additionally, a 90-some-year-old woman is the 5th death case since the beginning of the flu season.Lo Yi-chun, Deputy Director-General, Centers for Disease Control: “During her treatment in the hospital, she was diagnosed with Influenza-A; however, she also suffers from other chronic illnesses, stroke and kidney failure, and breathing failure, and thus passed away on Feb. 2.”In addition, the latest research compiled by Chung Shan Medical University Hospital and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital discovered that those who contracted COVID-19 have three times the risk of developing autoimmune diseases as those who were never infected with COVID-19. With respect to this, the CECC responded that a few people may experience stimulation of immune reactions after contracting COVID-19 and resulting in a cytokine storm, but this requires further empirical evidence.新冠疫情持續降溫,7日週二新增2萬多例本土病例,已連續4天病例數下降。有公衛專家表示,台灣目前受自然感染及疫苗保護,群體免疫保護力約為55%。若以澳洲及韓國經驗來看,即使防疫全面鬆綁,中重症也不會增加太快。建議台灣可利用精準自主防疫,達到降級解封。台大公衛學院教授陳秀熙指出:「接觸脆弱族群的人,可能你打雙價疫苗,就可以預期達到群體免疫70%,這時候當然就可以做降級解封。」新冠疫情降溫,流感疫情卻開始升溫。疾管署公布,上週門急診類流感就診人次達4.7萬多人次,較前一週增加2成8。其中流感重症新增10例,年齡最小的是8歲男童,還在加護病房治療;另外新增一名死亡個案為90多歲女性,是本流感季以來第5位流感重症死亡個案。疾管署副署長羅一鈞表示:「後續住院當中,採檢出來是A型流感。不過仍然因為她本身一些慢性病,還有腦中風、腎衰竭、呼吸衰竭等等,在2月2日過世。」此外,中山大學附設醫院及高雄榮總團隊合作,最新研究發現感染新冠會增加罹患自體免疫疾病,風險是未感染者的3倍。對此,疫情指揮中心回應表示,少部分人可能感染後激活免疫反應,產生細胞激素風暴,但還需更多實證。

Illicit Businesses Profiting by Maltreating Birds 鳥類籠拍.巢拍已成生意  遭檢舉涉不法

Illicit Businesses Profiting by Maltreating Birds 鳥類籠拍.巢拍已成生意 遭檢舉涉不法

Animal rights groups have found that there are numerous businesses offering the opportunity for the improper photography of birds. These places may also be guilty of illegal hunting, smuggling, illicit captive breeding, and killing birds.The photo shows a verditer flycatcher, which is a migratory bird not commonly found in Taiwan. A person had advertised this bird had shown up at their home and people could come and take as many photos as they wanted for a fee. Meanwhile, the Javan kingfisher has never been seen in the countryside of Taiwan, but someone was offering bird lovers the opportunity to take pictures of one. Animal rights groups have found that no import records existed for these uncommon birds.Chen Yu-min, Deputy CEO, EAST: “This is a very serious situation, and involves poaching and smuggling.”A short-eared owl, which is a protected species, had what appeared to be an injured left wing. However, it was still captured to become a photography subject. Wild bird societies were pained to see this.Wu Yu-chou, Honorary Chairperson, Wild Bird Society of Taoyuan: “So many birds are injured every year. We're rescuing them as others injure them, so we cannot tolerate this. ”Animal rights groups held a press conference to spotlight this issue and expose six locations in Taiwan that offer improper photography of birds. They are located in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Nantou. They may also be guilty of illegal hunting, smuggling, illicit captive breeding, and abuse.Huang Hsiu-chuan, Senior Specialist, Conservation Div., Forestry Bureau: “We will of course strengthen our searches in the future.”Kao Huang-lin, Dep. Director, Animal Quarantine Div., BAPHIQ: “The punishment for illegally importing birds from epidemic areas is a maximum of seven years and a fine of NT$3 million.”Animal rights groups believe these places that offer improper photography of birds can earn millions a year. They urged the government to investigate. They also said bird lovers and photographers should have self-discipline and photography associations should have review mechanisms to severely punish works that violate ecological photography ethics and endanger animal welfare and conservation.銅藍鶲在台灣是很稀有的冬候鳥,業者卻標榜來到自家場地可以盡情拍攝。還有在台灣野外不曾出現的爪哇翡翠鳥,也被業者作為噱頭吸引愛鳥人士前來拍攝。動保團體指出,這些稀有鳥類完全沒有輸入紀錄。動物社會研究會副執行長陳玉敏表示:「這件事情絕對嚴重,涉及野外的盜獵跟走私。」還有這隻保育類短耳鴞,左翅下垂,恐怕已經受傷,但還是被抓來作為拍攝主角,對地方野鳥學會來說很痛心。桃園市野鳥學會榮譽理事長吳豫州批評:「每年傷害這麼多鳥類,我們一邊在救、一邊在傷害,所以我們無法容忍。」動保團體上午舉行記者會,揭發國內6大不當拍鳥場所,分別位於桃園、新竹、台中、南投等地,提供進行籠拍、巢拍與誘拍等不當拍鳥行為,也可能涉及非法獵捕、走私、不當圈養及騷擾虐待。農委會林務局保育組簡任技正黃綉娟說:「我們當然後續會再更加強查緝。」農委會防檢局動植物檢疫組副組長高黃霖指出:「如果從疫區擅自輸入(鳥類),可以處到7年以下有期徒刑,併科新台幣300萬元的罰金。」動保團體推測,這些不當拍鳥場所,每年上百萬的獲利跑不掉,呼籲主管機關與檢調徹查;也請鳥友及攝影同好自律,各大攝影學會應有審查把關機制,嚴懲違反生態攝影倫理及危害動物保育與福利的作品。