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Police Seize 54kg of 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone 化妝品夾藏4級毒品企圖闖關 遭航警查獲

Police have seized 54 kilograms of a Schedule 4 controlled drug, at Taoyuan International Airport. The shipment was imported into Taiwan as a cosmetics product. Three people have been arrested.Schedule 4 controlled drugs continue to make their way into Taiwan, sometimes imported as cosmetic products. The Aviation Police Bureau and Customs officials cracked a drug smuggling ring case in April. Three suspects that are accused of smuggling 54 kilograms of 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenon into Taiwan have been arrested.Tien Wei-jen, Deputy Criminal Investigation Brigade Chief, Aviation Police Bureau: “The product was sent to many addresses. We sent multiple teams out into the field to ambush them.”2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenon is a Schedule 4 controlled drug in Taiwan and often found in Schedule 3 coffee packet drugs. According to police, these drug-laced coffee packets are low cost products with high margins, and are gradually replacing ketamine and other drugs.Tien Wei-jen, Deputy Criminal Investigation Brigade Chief, Aviation Police Bureau: “These drug products are often laced with ketamine, amphetamines or Ecstasy. These compound drugs are extremely toxic and the use of these drugs often results in hallucinations and sexual assault.”Laced coffee packets are the drug of choice for young people in Taiwan, and these compound drugs are often given to first-timers disguised as coffee or tea or candy. The number of overdose deaths from these drugs has risen steadily in recent years.以化妝品名義申報,毒梟陸續進口多批夾藏第四級毒品貨物入境,寄送多處。航警局和海關4月共同執行貨物X光查驗時,偵破重大毒品走私案,破解毒梟配送計畫,後續也已溯源緝獲犯嫌3人,將毒梟一網打盡,全案共計起獲「2-溴-4-甲基苯丙酮」54公斤。航警局刑警大隊副大隊長田偉仁指出:「經查本案貨物,分別寄往多個地點,為避免打草驚蛇,專案小組採逐點突破的查緝方式,指派多組人員前往現地埋伏。」「2-溴-4-甲基苯丙酮」已列管為4級毒品,是製成俗稱「喵喵」三級毒品的原料,警方發現喵喵毒咖啡包製作成本低,以製作到分裝、網路販售一條龍模式獲取暴利,有漸漸取代K他命等毒品的趨勢。航警局刑警大隊副大隊長田偉仁說明:「這類毒品經常摻雜著微量K他命、安非他命、搖頭丸等等的一些毒品,這些混合物質的物質毒性相當高,施用後常出現幻覺、攻擊性行為。」喵喵毒品咖啡包流通於網路及夜店,已成年輕人施用毒品主流,因常與興奮、麻醉作用等不明物質混合,再以咖啡包、奶茶包、糖果包、果凍等方式偽裝吸引青少年,在國內外已造成多起施用後猝死的不幸案例。

US Secretary of Defense Says China Is 'Rehearsing' 共機擾台頻率增  美防長:疑排練各種行動

US Secretary of Defense Says China Is 'Rehearsing' 共機擾台頻率增 美防長:疑排練各種行動

China's military aircraft continue to encircle Taiwan. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that it appears China is using all types of operations as rehearsals. National Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said that the military will continue to monitor them.“This is a Republic of China Air Force broadcast directed at the Chinese military aircraft flying at an altitude of 2,000 meters in Taiwan's southwest airspace. You have already entered our airspace and are affecting our flight safety. Turn around and leave immediately.”The military didn't release any information on Chinese military aircraft in Taiwan's airspace on Dec. 5, but the "Southwest Airspace of Taiwan" Facebook page posted audio of the Air Force dispelling Chinese aircraft in Taiwan's southwest ADIZ at around noon. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Dec. 4 during the Reagan National Defense Forum that it looks like China is exploring its capabilities and it looks a lot like rehearsals.Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense: “I don't want to speculate but certainly you know, it looks like a lot like them exploring their true capabilities and sure, it looks a lot like rehearsals.”Chiu Kuo-cheng, National Defense Minister: “Actually, for Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu, where we train is where we will fight. Along those lines, what we prepare are all things that may happen. After all, why would they fly here and not over there? They have their purposes, and we are carefully monitoring them.”National Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said there is a reason why Chinese military aircraft continue to buzz around Taiwan's airspace, and the military will continue to monitor them. Former Army Commander in Chief Hu Chen-pu said during a radio interview with former President Chen Shui-bian that if China attacks Taiwan's Taiping Island, Taiwan can attack China's Yongxing Island. Chiu declined to comment on this, but said the military has planned various responses.Chiu Kuo-cheng, National Defense Minister: “We have already drawn up various possible actions plans for combat. They take into account what the enemy will do, and our response. We already have these. I won't comment on this.”The Armed Forces Reserve Command recently issued an advance notice for mobilization in 2022. It contained the words "targets of the 2022 wartime mobilization," and the word "wartime" caught the public's attention. Chiu said refresher training occurs every year. However, it happens that right now cross-strait issues are in the news and the Ministry of National Defense is not trying to stir up tension.「中華民國空軍廣播,位於台灣西南空域,高度2000公尺的中共軍機注意,你已進入我空域,影響我飛航安全,立即迴轉脫離。」雖然軍方5日沒有公布中國軍機擾台資訊,不過臉書西南空域臉書專頁公布5日中午12點多,對岸軍機進入我ADIZ西南空域時,空軍廣播驅離的錄音,對於中國軍機持續擾台的行為,美國國防部長奧斯汀4日在雷根國防論壇時表示,很像是在確認軍事能量、與排練各項行動。美國國防部長奧斯汀表示:「我不想猜測,但當然你知道的,他們看起來,很像是他們探索他們的真實能力,而且當然看起來像是排練。」國防部長邱國正說:「事實上對我們台澎金馬來講的話,我們練兵地方就是我們要作戰的地方,這一樣的道理,所以我們預畫性的,這個都是有可能的,因為他畢竟,他否則的話,他幹嘛在這邊飛,不到那邊去飛,都有他的目的,但我們對他的目的,我們加以密注。」國防部長邱國正表示,中國軍機選擇在我國附近空域必定有其目的,國軍會密切關注。至於前陸軍總司令胡鎮埔在接受前總統陳水扁廣播節目訪問時提到,如果中國攻打我國太平島,我國也可以攻打對方的永興島,邱國正對此不願評論,但強調國軍有各項應對作為規劃。邱國正表示:「我們作戰本來就擬定,各種可能行動方案,然後敵人有什麼可能,那我們怎麼應對,這個是本來就有的,這個我不會去做什麼評論。」另外國防部後備指揮部日前發出「國軍111年度動員召集預告書」,內容寫到「111年度戰時動員召集對象」,戰時兩字引發關注,邱國正強調教召每年都有,只是剛好最近兩岸議題受到關注,國防部並沒有攪動緊張氣氛的意味。

Kao Chia-yu Case Continues to Snowball 高嘉瑜案衍生網軍帶風向  蘇揆:嚴查嚴辦

Kao Chia-yu Case Continues to Snowball 高嘉瑜案衍生網軍帶風向 蘇揆:嚴查嚴辦

The Kao Chia-yu case continues to snowball, with her ex-boyfriend using a cyberarmy to try to change public opinion. Premier Su Tseng-chang says Taiwan is a democratically ruled country and anyone that breaks the law will face consequences.The Kao Chia-yu assault case continues to snowball, with her ex-boyfriend Lin Bing-shu found to be using a cyberarmy to try to shift public opinion. On the 6th, Premier Su Tseng-chang said Taiwan is a democratic country, and anyone that breaks the law will face the consequences.Su Tseng-chang, ROC Premier: “The case should be thoroughly investigated. You can't use technology to hurt other people. I hope relevant agencies will do what they're supposed to do.”Tsai Ching-hsiang, Justice Minister: “I think if any violations are found, our prosecutors, police, and investigators will investigate and enforce the law in accordance with the law.”Justice Minister Tsai Ching-hsiang also said the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office is handling the case and pursuing all leads. Kao's attorney, meanwhile, said a letter and video Kao was forced to record and write under duress have been handed over to the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office.Lee Yung-yu, Kao Chia-yu's Lawyer: “(Kao) was forced to make this video and write this letter under duress. The video and letter have been handed over to the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office.”Nieh Chung, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office: “Around 8:45 a.m., personnel from the law office contacted the clerk and handed over some evidence that will be transferred to us.”As for reports that Lin has ties to the National Security Council, the NSC said it finds it deeply regrettable that people say things without proof and all council affairs are conducted in accordance with the law.立委高嘉瑜遭到施暴的案子,如雪球般越滾越大,還衍生出施暴的前男友林秉樞利用網軍帶風向,影響輿論等的案外案。行政院長蘇貞昌6日到台大醫院,接種第2劑疫苗,面對媒體追問,他強調台灣是民主法治國家,任何不法都應該嚴查嚴辦。行政院長蘇貞昌表示:「都應該嚴查嚴辦,不能利用科技侵害他人,希望相關機關嚴查嚴辦。」法務部長蔡清祥則說,如果有違法的事實,檢警調等所有的執法機關,都會依法來調查跟偵辦。蔡清祥強調,全案正由新北地檢署偵辦中,只要有可疑事項,都會追查。而高嘉瑜的委任律師,一早也將高嘉瑜遭到逼迫,寫下自白書的影片,送交檢方偵辦。高嘉瑜委任律師李永裕指出:「在被錄下逼供的影片之後,又被脅迫寫下脅迫書,逼供片的內容以及脅迫書的書面,都已經遞交給新北地檢署。」新北檢襄閱主任檢察官聶眾表示:「早上8點45分左右,律師事務所的人員有跟書記官聯繫,把相關的證物交給書記官,會送交給本署的收發室來做接收。」對於外傳林秉樞是國安局的外圍人員,國安局予以澄清。國安局副局長陳進廣強調各項工作均依法行政,對於部分人士毫無證據的言論,國安局深表遺憾。