TIAS Contemplating on Strike Over Lunar New Year 桃勤不排除春節罷工 交通部:督促積極協商

The EVA flight operation was generally smooth on Jan. 3. However, the Taoyuan International Airport Services, which is responsible for 70 percent of the ground handling volume at Taoyuan Airport, also did not rule out a strike during the Lunar New Year. 

There were still cancellations of EVA flights at Taoyuan Airport early on the 3rd. There was no queue at the check-in counter and the operation was generally smooth as the holiday season ended. Passengers said they did not wait too long.

Passenger: “Maybe there are fewer flights today. If there are more flights, it will definitely cause a backup.”

Passenger: “I hope the labor and management sides have a good negotiation. I think it should be all smooth.”

EVA Air stated that the 10 ground staff who temporarily asked for leave on the 3rd did not affect flight operations. However, the ground handling situation at Taoyuan Airport has not yet come to an end. Taoyuan International Airport Services, which belongs to the China Airlines Group, accounts for 70 percent of the ground handling business at Taoyuan Airport. It entered into labor dispute mediation as salary adjustment negotiations for employees broke down. If the negotiation fails, a union vote for a strike will take place. It is expected the union will obtain the legal right to strike before the Lunar New Year holidays.

Chiu Yu-cheng, Director, TIAS Labor Union: “We will hold some briefings before the 4th to explain to everyone the situation. After the briefings, a vote to strike will be held.”

Tourist operators say the consequences will be difficult to deal with if a ground staff strike paralyzes the airport during the first Lunar New Year holidays after the border lockdown has been lifted. They call on the competent authorities to actively deal with the situation.

Lee Chi-yueh, PR Head, Travel Quality Assurance Assoc.: “The first Lunar New Year holiday break after the lockdown is very important for the tourism industry. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications should assist as soon as possible to negotiate a good solution.”

Chi Wen-chung, Deputy MOTC Minister: “Everyone has their demands. Everyone should sit down and sincerely discuss each side's demands. If we can solve the problems, then the strike won't happen.”

The MOTC emphasized that it will urge the Civil Aeronautics Administration to ask the airline management to sincerely communicate with employees. It hopes to resolve the oncoming storm that may paralyze the airport during the Lunar New Year break. 












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