Art Exhibition Spans Six Railway Stations|美麗內灣線 6個車站都是鐵道美術館 - 公視新聞網

Art Exhibition Spans Six Railway Stations|美麗內灣線 6個車站都是鐵道美術館

The Neiwan Rail Line Art Gallery extends from Zhudong Station to Neiwan Station across six stations. Taiwan Railways Administration has also joined this artistic initiative by launching folk song-themed decorations on trains servicing the line. Let's take a look.

The train chugs along. The 2019 Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival spans cities and counties along Provincial Highway 3. The second stop of the exhibition was Taiwan Railways Administration's Neiwan Branch Line in Hsinchu County, and was curated by renowned artist Li Ming-tao. Li invited artists to integrate local culture into their creations.

This railway line was originally used to transport wood and minerals out of the mountains. This time, I aimed to transport artists and their works to create a beautiful encounter between the railway line and art.

Trains have been decorated with folk song motifs. The floors are covered with maps showing where the minerals and wood were transported from. Li also linked 23 artists together to display Hakka culture and artwork at six rail stations. The artwork ranges from installation art to interactive technology, pushing Hakka culture beyond the traditional elements of Tung blossoms and Hakka blue dye.
How to innovate was also very important. They can use this to attract tourists or art lovers, which is good.

The folk song-themed trains allow people to see the special characteristics of this place, and gives them a breath of fresh air.

The rail stations have been transformed by this integration of artistic innovation and local culture. This is also a great opportunity for Hakka culture to enter the spotlight.


藝術家 李明道表示:「這個鐵道它原來是把這個木頭,礦產從山邊運出來,那這次我希望運進來的,是藝術家跟他的作品,跟鐵道跟藝術做一次美麗的相遇。」


民眾 梅小姐表示:「要如何去創新這個也是滿重要的,那用這樣子的話,可以去找一些那個觀光客,或者是對於藝術愛好者,都是滿好的。」

民眾 宋先生表示:「山歌列車讓人來看這個地方的特色,讓人很多耳目一新。」