John Tung Foundation Publishes Sugar Content in Soft Drinks|董氏檢測手搖飲含糖熱量誤差 最多近7倍

When it comes to handmade beverages, bewaring what you are drinking, it may be falsely labeled! Results on the contents of 169 types of handmade beverages such as bubble tea has been published. The results show that the sugar content display on the label does not take into account of the drink's additional ingredients such as red beans and tapioca pearls, resulting in the actual calories to amount to seven times as much as the label claims in some of the drinks.

The increasingly warm weather makes handmade soft drink beverages more appealing to many. However, the public must beware of the amount of calories contained in these drinks. The John Tung Foundation recently published the results of calorie content in 169 soft drinks on sale. The results show that the sugar content on the drink's labels does not include the content from additional ingredients such as red beans and tapioca pearls. This means that the drinks could lead to a higher risk of obesity and higher level of blood sugars, lipids and cholesterol should one consume too much.

The drinks with extra ingredients often contain large amount of calories. Some even contain as much as 500 calories (per drink). That is around a quarter of the calories needed for an adult male, or the amount that is burnt after jogging for an hour.

The John Tung Foundation said that one soft drink could contain more sugar than is needed for one person in a day, which is around 50 grams. The foundation also said that the amount of sugar marked on the drinks' labels are often very different from the actual amount contained in each drink. For instance, the red bean bubble milk tea contains 6.9 times the amount of calories as the figure marked on the label after taking into consideration all its extra ingredients. Another drink called "milk tea with cream" contains 4.4 times more sugar than the figure on the label. Other milk teas with black bubbles and purple rice have also been found to contain more than 4 times the sugar than what's marked on their labels.

We held a meeting with drink vendors and experts earlier this year, in which we reviewed the issue. We will act according to regulations and publish the amendments.

The Food and Drug Administration stresses that they held a meeting in March with experts, and that they also informed the drink vendors of the issue at hand. The FDA said that they will announce an amendment which mandates that all vendors must clearly indicate the sugar and calorie content of their drinks and the additional ingredients for the consumers. Those found in violation could face fines of up to NT$3 million. The FDA said the new regulation can kick in the soonest next year.


董氏基金會營養師 尤宣文表示:「含配料的飲料,其實基本上的熱量含量都比較高,甚至可以到達五百大卡左右,已經幾乎占一整天,成人男性的四分之一的量這麼多,大概要慢跑一個小時,才可以把這個消耗的熱量消耗完。」


食藥署食品組科長 李婉媜表示:「今年已經有召開業者,還有專家會議,我們已經有做檢討,後續我們會依照法規程序,進行修正公告。」