Three More Confirmed Cases from Taoyuan Entertainment Hall 歌友會接觸者擴大採檢 新增3確診者

Taoyuan City Government has compiled a list of the entertainment hall's members for testing. On Jan. 7, three more cases related to the hall are confirmed.

A disinfection truck sprays the outside of the venue where the participants in the Taoyuan entertainment hall meet. Other places visited by the people who have tested positive, including RT Mart and Zhongzhen Market, are also being disinfected. As of the 6th, the Taoyuan City Department of Public Health had tested 2,273 people that have been in contact with the infected airport workers and 576 people affiliated with the Taoyuan entertainment hall. Of the 2,849 people, four tested positive. The four include two entertainment hall members, a 58-year-old taxi driver and a 59-year-old woman. Their paths crossed frequently with that of Case 17239, an airport cleaner.

Chen Chung-yang, Entertainment Hall Manager: “(The member) ran into that maintenance worker. They chatted for quite a while. She then infected her younger sister. The taxi driver and cleaner didn't talk for as long, like around half an hour or so.”

The 59-year-old woman also infected a family member she lives with. Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan has ordered everyone who lives with members of the singing group to get tested.

Singing Group Member: “We have a Line group. They told us in the group to (get tested). I haven't been (to the group) in a month and they still told me to (get tested).”

Cheng Wen-tsan, Taoyuan City Mayor: “This scale of testing for the singing group is necessary. Everyone they live with has also been notified (to get tested).”

One of the four has two children. Their elementary school in Zhongli was shut down on the 7th for disinfection.

School Staff Member: “Don't leave yet. A student's parent has tested positive and class will be suspended for a day.”

The school has been closed preemptively for disinfection. Cheng says airport arrivals will peak in the next week and every day is a stress test with the number of Omicron cases surging.




消毒車對著爆發群聚感染「歌友會」大門口,大範圍噴灑消毒液,相關足跡包括大潤發、忠貞市場等, 周邊環境大規模清消。桃園市衛生局表示,截至6日晚間,社區採檢站已採檢2273人,歌友會採檢576人,合計有2849人。採檢結果2845人陰性,四人陽性,其中歌友會共驗出三人陽性確診,其中兩人是歌友會會員,分別是58歲男性計程車司機,與59歲女性,與確診清潔人員案17239,歌友會足跡多日重疊。