40% of Tainan Students Take Vaccination Leaves 南市2校1372學生接種  隔天近4成請疫苗假

Tainan City government says students who has a jab are entitled for a 3-day vaccination leave. 

Presenter: As campus inoculations of BNT vaccines have started, Tainan City Education Bureau said it would relax vaccination leave standards. 40% of the students at two schools in Tainan stayed home to rest the next day of the vaccination. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said he is considering to allow schools to shut down temporarily if too many students are absent due to post vaccine recovery.

The student gets ready to receive the vaccine after being assessed by the doctor. However, there were still some sporadic issues on the 23rd with the national launch of BNT vaccines. A senior high school student in Hsinchu fainted after being vaccinated with the BNT vaccine. BNT vaccine was launched for high school and junior high school students. Two schools in Tainan City administered a total of 1,372 vaccinations on the 22nd. However, 510 students, or 40 percent of those that received shots, took a vaccination leave on the 23rd. Tainan City Education Bureau stated that three days of vaccination leave can be taken after vaccination. If students don't feel well, they will be allowed to stay home and rest.

Parent:” He just said he wanted to sleep and that he was tired. There seem to be a lot of issues, so it's better to be careful.”

Yang Chih-hsiung, Chief Secretary, Education Bureau, Tainan:”There are some symptoms after the shot, such as muscle soreness. Of course, our schools will be more lenient if a child is feeling uncomfortable.”

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said at least school nurses and teachers can help if students are not feeling well. If too many students call in sick with vaccine side effects, he will authorize principals to decide whether to shut down the whole school.

Huang Wei-che, Tainan Mayor:”We will evaluate to give principals the authority to make their own decision. If a particular school's students don't feel well or the number of students taking sick day leave reaches a certain amount, it's probably time to shut down the school.”

The Education Bureau said schools should prearrange courses for those students who take vaccination leaves so they can catch up on their learning progress. If students' learning needs to be supplemented after returning to school, the school will make relevant arrangements to ensure students can catch up. 





台南市教育局主秘 楊智雄:「施打後的一些症狀,比如說肌肉痠痛,或是有一些些微的症狀,那當然孩子有不舒服的反應,那我們這邊學校就會從寬認定。」


台南市長 黃偉哲:「我們會評估授權各學校校長自己來做決定,如果該校的同學不適的反應或是請疫苗假的人數,真的是到達一定數量的話,該放就放。」


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