Taipei Twin Tower Project Revoked by MOEAIC |台北雙子星案 經濟部以"國安疑慮"駁回

The Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs had withdrawn its decision to award the construction contract for the "Taipei Twin Towers" project due to national security concerns. The commission found the Hong Kong-based Nan Hai Corp has extreme deep connections with mainland China. Nan Hai later on issued a statement saying the commission's decision is illegal.

After 5 long months, the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has withdrawn its decision to award the construction contract for the "Taipei Twin Towers" project. The commission rejected Hong Kong-based Nan Hai Corp's application due to national security concerns since most of the company's sales and employees are situated in China. The commission said the decision was based on Article 7 of the Statute for Investment by Foreign Nationals.

This investment in Taipei's Twin Towers project is being controlled by the Chinese government or the Chinese people. There is a national security concern.

Nan Hai Development disagreed. They issued a statement stressing that according to the Statute for Investment by Foreign Nationals, prohibiting investments by foreigners in specific work type, which is the "prohibition and limitation for Investment by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals" is set by the Executive Yuan. However this law does not apply to the Taipei Twin Towers project. The decision made by the MOEAIC is not in accordance with the current law. The Taipei City government knew foreign investors were allowed during the selection phase, then by MOEAIC's logic, the Taipei City Government's selection documents are against the law as well.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je had called out to President Tsai the day before the revocation and the MOEAIC announced the decision in less than 12 hours. Ko said sarcastically that he didn't know DPP was so efficient. Nan Hai can invest in Sunny Bank run by DPP's Standing Committee Members but cannot invest in the Taipei Twin Towers Project. To this, Ko is questioning the MOEAIC's double standard.

There's no national security concern in investing Sunny Bank run by DPP's Standing Central Committee Members. There is no objective national security concern standard. To use this as a reason for revocation will result in hesitation by foreign investors.

Ko said he respects MOEAIC's decision but would not elaborate on if there is politicizing in this incident. When asked about whether the central government would act as a resistance in the Taipei Dome construction, Ko stressed that he can only take one step at a time and continue to do what he has to do.


經濟部投審會發言人 楊淑玲表示:「這個投資案有受到,大陸地區政府或人民掌控,營運國內這家雙子星開發案,專案公司營運的疑慮。」



台北市長 柯文哲表示:「投資民進黨中常委經營的陽信銀行,沒有國家安全疑慮,以沒有客觀標準,國家安全當理由,來駁回申請時候,我認為這會造成外國公司,投資台灣不確定性。」