Postnatal Care Worker Fined for Child Abuse 產後護理之家涉虐嬰 換尿布時不當對待

A Hsinchu County councilor and lawmaker are calling for an investigation and legal revisions after a care center worker was fined for child abuse.

The caregiver picks the infant up by one leg to change its diaper.

Chen Chih-ning, Lawyer Representing Victim's Family: “The child was suspended upside down. (The caregiver) told the parents their kid probably had jaundice. A doctor at another clinic told them in no uncertain terms that this was not livedo but rather a bruise.”

The infant was only a few days old when the incident happened at the end of last year. The caregiver told the parents the discoloration was probably newborn jaundice. One Hsinchu County councilor wants to know why only the worker in question was fined and the postnatal center faced no consequences.

Lien Yu-ting, Hsinchu County Councilor (NPP): “Only the worker in question was fined. No one else at the care facility had to face any consequences.”

A lawmaker, meanwhile, is calling on the Ministry of Health and Welfare to make changes to relevant laws and the current postnatal care center evaluation system for better transparency and to establish fines for child abuse.

Chen Jiau-hua, Legislator (NPP): “Shouldn't the care facility's violations and evaluation results be published online? The Ministry of Health and Welfare also needs to amend Article 49 and 97 of the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act to address harm to children and establish fines.”

Tseng Shu-fen, Section Chief, Nursing and Health Care Division, MOHW: “The central government performs evaluations every year and institutions are evaluated at least once every four years. Information on whether this facility was operating legally or illegally is publicly available.”

The ministry says the results of its evaluations are publicly available and any violations or negligence discovered can result in operating licenses being revoked.













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