Hsinchu City Has Highest Average Salary 企業僱用員工薪資 新竹市平均97.2萬最高

Taiwan's employment and salaries recovered in 2021, according to the latest data published by the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics. However, real regular wages last year contracted 0.04 percent, the first retreat in five years, as faster inflation wiped out gains.

27-year-old A-tsao was originally the manager of a band but her salary was cut twice by the company due to the epidemic. Although she tried her best to save money, she still could not make ends meet. She has now left her job and decided to go abroad for a working holiday in the second half of the year.

A-tsao, Job Seeker: “There is no way for me to make too many spending adjustments, such as renting a house in Taipei or buying some daily necessities. I changed my eating habits instead in order to adjust my expenses.”

Another example whose salary was also reduced is Louis. He started work at a department store counter in 2021 when the epidemic hit, which frequently reduced his work hours. His worst monthly salary was only NT$20,000.

Louis, Job Seeker: “Because there is no crowd, there is no business. Or our boss will shut the counter down. But if I was in a big company, the more senior workers would unfairly treat the younger workers.”

The Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics announced wage statistics from 2021. The domestic economic growth rate was as high as 6.28 percent last year. However, due to the pressure of rising prices, the real recurring wage for the whole year fell to NT$41,422, an annual decrease of 0.04 percent. This is the first annual negative growth in the past five years.

Yang Tsung-pin, Spokesperson, Online Job Seeking Site: “Such high prices have eroded a portion of wages. Coupled with the epidemic, companies have not raised wages. This has exceeded the average for about 4 years. I think salaries may rebound this year, even though I'm more conservative.”

In addition, DGBAS also released salary statistics in various counties and cities for the first time. Hsinchu City has the highest average annual salary of NT$972,000, mainly driven by tech companies. This is followed by Taipei City with NT$863,000 and Hsinchu County with NT$858,000.

Hsinchu Resident: “Although the salary is much higher than the average, we spend more relative time at the company.”

Yang believes that although employees in the technology industry and financial industry have relatively good starting salaries, due to the dual pressure of rising prices and the possibility of layoffs and salary reductions resulting from the epidemic, will there be a future income gap between urban and rural areas outside of the six special municipalities? This is something that needs to be the focus of future observation.







主計總處公布110年全年受僱員工薪資統計,儘管去年國內經濟成長率高達6.28%表現亮眼,但在物價上漲壓力下,全年實質經常性薪資落入負成長為4萬1422元、年減 0.04%,是近五年首次全年負成長。