Kaohsiung Port Increases Epidemic Prevention Measures 防堵疫情擴散 未完成2次篩檢禁入高雄港

Kaohsiung has also tightened its disease prevention measures around the Kaohsiung Port area. Additionally, Kaohsiung Metro has also announced it will stop selling one-way tickets starting from 29th to reduce contact risk. 

There was a long queue of container trucks early in the morning on the 28th at Kaohsiung Pier 34's control station. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has enhanced Kaohsiung Port's epidemic prevention and control measures. All personnel who want to enter the port area must show their identity in addition to scanning the QR code. The certificate is compared with the APP developed by the port company. Those who have not completed two screening tests are not allowed to enter the port area.

Chang Chan-jung, Director, Harbor Management Dept., Kaohsiung Port: “Our control point can check if drivers have done a second screening. If drivers haven't done a second test, we will ask them to do a quick screening test at our screening station.”

In addition to strict entry and exit controls, screening stations at Pier 34, 36, and 55 control stations are also busy. At the city government's request, people who have been in and out of Chungtao Port Area or Cijin Shipyard since the 12th, and are at risk of exposure, must be screened by a PCR test on the 28th or 29th. 

However, it's not only the port that is increasing prevention measures. Lunar New Year is approaching, with a potential influx of tourists during the Lantern Festival. Kaohsiung Metro announced that it will stop selling one-way tickets starting on the 29th to the end of February to reduce contact risk.

Chang Chueh-wei, Senior Manager, Kaohsiung MRT: “We hope to reduce contact risk for everyone. Riders can use their own multi-payment, credit card, or mobile phone to enter the gate.”

Citizen: “It's safer because that way you don't have to touch the screen.”

According to statistics, only about 3 to 5 percent of Kaohsiung Metro riders use one-way tickets, but to ensure that groups such as the elderly that may not use a metro card or a credit card to enter the station, the Metro said such riders who need a one-way ticket can still go to a station service desk to receive assistance from its staff.