Gambling Rings Targeting Students 三級警戒期間 學子被引誘網路簽賭欠債

Numerous campus gambling cases have been reported after students logged on to gambing websites while they were supposed to learn from home during the Level 3 alert.  Police have identified over 58 victims.

Students attending classes virtually when schools were closed became targets for gambling rings. Parents have been asking Yunlin County councilors for help with their children's gambling debt.

You Shu-yun, Yunlin County Councilor (IND): “Parents have contacted me saying their children were tricked into signing contracts with an online fraud ring and ended up with debt ranging from NT$50,000 to NT$1 million.”

Chen Yuan-hui, Deputy Commissioner, Police Bureau, Yunlin County: “Gambling debt should be avoided at all costs. Parents in this situation should file a police report.”

Yunlin County police say they are aware of 11 campus gambling cases with 58 victims. The victims amassed NT$100,000 to NT$200,000 in debt, with the total amount owed exceeding NT$10 million. Police say there are no laws governing gambling debt and parents should report such cases to the police. The county also says it will ask relevant agencies to improve public awareness.

Chiu Hsiao-wen, Director, Education Department, Yunlin County: “We will be raising awareness and providing information on how these rings operate at schools and in class as well as at PTA meetings. ”

Lin Chun-hsien, Principal, Douliu Junior High School: “Of course, we hope Ministry of Education officials can offer school officials and teachers more support so that we can put an end to this kind of situation.”

One school says the greatest challenge schools currently face is managing cell phone use on campus. Many students come to school with one cell phone to hand in to their teacher and a second one to use.