Labor Groups Concerns Constitutional Interpretation Causes Backsliding on Labor Rights 女性拒夜間工作違憲 勞團陳情女性勞權沉淪

Labor groups protested at the Executive Yuan after a Constitutional Court Interpretation voided a law that gave female employees special treatment regarding night shifts. In response, the government said protection for female workers would not be affected. 

On Aug. 20, the Constitutional Court released Interpretation No. 807, which declared the first part of Article 49 of the Labor Standards Act unconstitutional. The article states: "An employer shall not make his /her female worker perform her work between ten o'clock in the evening and six o'clock in the following morning." On Aug. 27, labor groups protested at the Executive Yuan, saying the interpretation worsens the labor position of female workers.

Chiu Yu-hung, Secretary-General, Taoyuan City General Union:” (The judge) completely ignored this. Why can't we all rise higher together, instead of all being dragged down together?”

The groups say the entity that applied for the interpretation did so without the consent of unions, which is not a surprise as the interpretation weakens the position of unions.

Hung Ching-fu, Chair, New Taipei City Trade Union:” It puts unions at a huge disadvantage. You can revise laws to change this, and equal rights are a wonderful thing. However, you need supplementary measures in place. You can't just abolish something with a single word.”

Weng Wei, Lawyer:” You say you're giving workers more freedom. You say you're giving women the right and freedom to pursue work. Take a look at the current situation, will you? Labor and capital aren't coming to the table as equals. The freedom you're giving women is the freedom to self-destruct.”

In response, the Ministry of Labor said protection for female workers would not be affected. 

The ministry also said employers still cannot force female workers to work night shifts and unions still have the legal power to negotiate labor conditions and benefits with employers. 

In addition, the ministry said it would consult with experts to clarify legal applications




桃園市產業總工會秘書長 邱宇弘:「他(大法官)沒有意識到這個,到底為什麼不一起提升而是一起向下沉淪。」


新北市產業總工會理事長 洪清福:「嚴重弱化掉工會啦。這個部分要修法要改掉當然可以,要平權當然很棒,可是必須要有配套措施,而不是一句把它廢掉就廢掉。」

律師 翁瑋:「你說你是給勞工自由,你說你是給她追求工作的權利跟自由,但是沒有去看到現在現實的狀況是什麼,是勞資不對等,你給她自由等於給她自生自滅。」


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