Netizens Gather to "Even the Score" by Baby Abuse|一歲女童疑遭保母凌虐 網友聚集討公道

A twenty year-old single mother entrusted her 1 year old baby girl to a babysitter surnamed Kuo this May. Allegedly, the baby was abused by the sitter and is currently in a coma. Last night, angry crowds gathered outside the babysitter's home, looking for justice. The mother says when brain death is declared, she will consider giving consent for extubation and donate her daughter's organs.

Massive crowds gathered beneath the building, emotional. They are upset about the babysitter surnamed Kuo who allegedly abused a one year old baby girl.The crowd was called by a netizen online to surround the babysitter's home after the story of the abuse spread.

The number of people gathered outside the sitter's house gradually increased and hit over several hundreds at one point. Police and the Chairperson of the residents' committee for the complex tried to intervene but had little success. At last, the crowd finally left after the police used hardline methods to expel them. The baby girl was sent to hospital on the 21st of June with a Glasgow Coma Scale of 3, fractured left forearm, brain hemorrhage and wounds on her hands and chest. The baby's grandfather went to visit her again in the morning on the 24th June, and felt deeply saddened that her condition hasn't gotten any better .

I took her to the hospital, and tomorrow is my birthday. It just so happens that the extubation is tomorrow, and my birthday will become my granddaughter's anniversary day of her death.
The baby's family await anxiously outside the intensive care unit, however her brain has been severely damaged and is still in a critical condition. Her mother says she doesn't want her child to suffer, and is prepared for the worst.
(If she is) brain dead, we will think of extubation and give up any therapy. We don't want to see the child, see her attached to a load of tubes.
With the information obtained from our talks with the sitter, we cannot confirm what caused the baby girl's injuries, so we will work with the police and their investigators to find out.
The mother says she will follow the doctor's evaluation and if her child's condition doesn't get any better, she will consider giving consent for extubation and donate her daughter's organs. She also says the babysitter was only permitted to provide professional childcare this March but had not yet filed to the official childcare system. The Department of Social Welfare says they will work with the investigators to learn more about this case.
母童母親 陳小姐表示:「腦死呀,什麼的,我們會想說,拔管,會放棄治療,因為我們不想要小孩子,看著她,插著(一堆管線)。」
家防中心主任 侯淑如表示:「跟保母談過的資訊裡面,沒辦法去確認孩子的傷到底怎麼造成的?所以,我們現在,會檢察官跟員警的偵辦(為主)。」