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Chang's Pharmacy in Dapu, Miaoli County was demolished in a land expropriation dispute four years ago, triggering a national controversy. Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong announced on May 16 that a settlement has been reached with landowners to rebuild the pharmacy, which could be completed as soon as next June. The owner's widow, Peng Hsiu-chun, lamented that it has been too long a wait and said she would take nothing for granted until the construction is finished. The government of Miaoli County has agreed to provide part of the funding. Chang's Pharmacy in Dapu, Miaoli County was demolished on July 18, 2013, with 600 police officers standing guard. After four years, the original site is a U-turn lane for cars. After nine months of negotiation led by the Ministry of the Interior, the Chang family has reached a settlement with the government and the pharmacy will be rebuilt on the site. Chang's widow Peng Hsiu-chun said that she can only hope that the construction goes smoothly. ==PENG HSIU-CHUN Widow of Chang's Pharmacy Owner== (My husband) is watching over me so that his house may be built away. It's the last few steps of the journey, but we still must be very careful with every step, so that it can be finished. In addition to the rebuilding of Chang's Pharmacy, other landowners involved in the controversy have come to agreements with the Ministry of the Interior to exchange or sell their land. The draft settlement has been signed, but Peng still said that every step must be a careful one. The government of Miaoli County said that there are still many procedures that must be completed for the road to become zoned for residential use again, but that it will work with the central government to complete them. ==CHEN PIN-SHAN Sec.-Gen., Government of Miaoli County== Only after the urban planning committee reviews and approves the rezoning of the land for residential use, can the residence be rebuilt. We will cooperate as long as the law is being followed. Liu Cheng-hung, who was Miaoli County's magistrate at the time, still insists that all laws were followed. ==LIU CHENG-HUNG Former Miaoli County Magistrate== This was a project that was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of the Interior. The government of Miaoli County was only tasked with implementing it. If all urban planning projects can be walked back like this, how can the country make progress? The Ministry of the Interior had proposed raising private funds to settle the suit, but the landowners refused. The rebuilding for the pharmacy is estimated to cost NT$2 million. Miaoli County has said it is willing to provide part of the funding, despite budget issues of its own. The rebuilding could be complete as early as next June. Translated by JOHN CHEN 四年前遭到拆除的苗栗大埔張藥房,16號內政部長宣佈已經和相關地主達成和解,張藥房原地重建,最快明年六月就可以重建入住。盼到重建,張家遺孀彭秀春感慨等太久,在房子蓋回來前,都不能大意,而苗栗縣府也同意分攤部份費用。 ==NS== (資料畫面2013.7.18) 在600名警力的戒護下,苗栗大埔張藥房應聲倒下,2013年7月18號這一天,成了自救會心中的痛。4年過去了,張藥房的原址,成了車輛轉彎時的迴轉空間。大埔拆遷案,最後在內政部積極主導,九個月的協調後,與政府達成和解,張藥房原地重建,遺孀彭秀春說,此刻心中,只盼望重建順利。 ==張藥房老闆遺孀 彭秀春== 就保佑我 把他(張森文)的房子蓋回來 只是最後一哩路 但是也是大家也是要戰戰兢兢 每一步都要很小心的 走完這個程序 除了張藥房能原地重建,地主黃福記、朱樹等人也與內政部達成換、購地協議,簽訂和解書草本,但彭秀春表示,後面的每一步路都要小心走完。苗栗縣政府指出,道路用地要變更回住宅用地,還有很多流程要跑,只要程序合法,會全力配合中央政策。 ==苗栗縣政府秘書長 陳斌山== 都市計畫委員會審定之後 那個用地變為住宅用地之後 才有後續的住宅重建的問題啦 在合法範圍內我們都全力配合 聽聞內政部的和解決議,前苗栗縣長劉政鴻仍強調,當時一切依法行政。 ==前苗栗縣長 劉政鴻== 內政部都委會多次審議 才決定的一個案子 苗栗縣政府只是負責執行 那若是說以後 所有的都市計畫的案子 都是這樣反反覆覆 國家怎麼進步 當初內政部要用民間募款的方式來解決和解金,遭當事人拒絕。目前張藥房原地重建,經費粗估要二百萬左右,財政困窘的苗栗縣政府,表示願意跟內政部共同承擔,預估最快明年六月,張藥房就能重建完工入住。 邱植培 彭煥群 苗栗報導