Six Indicted over Nanfangao Bridge Collapse 南方澳斷橋案偵結 起訴廠商.港務公司6人

The collapse of Nanfangao Bridge in 2019 killed six and injured a dozen. Prosecutors recently wrapped up a 3-year investigation and indicted six people from the port authority and construction company for wrongful death and wrongful injury. The investigation also indicted personnel from the consulting company commissioned by the Yilan County Government to test the bridge after finding the company falsified test results and defrauded funds from the county government.

In 2019, Nanfangao Bridge collapsed. An oil tanker that was crossing the bridge fell into the water and burst into flames. The wreckage also crushed several fishing boats, killing six and injuring 12. Prosecutors wrapped up a 3-year investigation on the 29th, indicting six people from the port authority and construction company for wrongful death and injury.

Liang Kuang-tsung, Chief Prosecutor, Yilan District Prosecutors Office: “(The defendants) all played a role in the deaths and injuries. We hope the court can mete out the appropriate criminal penalty.”

Prosecutors found the construction company did not build the bridge in accordance with the blueprint and the surface of the bridge was held together with nothing more than silicone. In addition, the project was not properly supervised by either the supervisory agency, the management and maintenance agency, or the Suao Port Branch Office. The two project managers, surnamed Fang and Huang respectively, did not conduct the required biennial inspections. Other external violations were also uncovered during the investigation.

Liang Kuang-tsung, Chief Prosecutor, Yilan District Prosecutors Office: “During the investigation, we discovered that two employees from an outside consulting company, defendants Chen and Chang, falsified inspection data. ”

The bridge is being rebuilt with completion expected on Sept. 18. The reopening has been delayed multiple times due to a slate of construction issues ranging from structural defects to incorrectly poured concrete to misalignment. The new bridge is currently scheduled to open on Dec. 18.









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