Social Media Post Helps Promote Chimei Museum 「哥吉拉公仔」話題夯 奇美博物館秀館藏品

A netizen recently shared a story about how her husband left their home in anger after she gave away his collection of Godzilla toys to a relative. Tainan's Chimei Museum, which has collections of musical instruments, paintings, and specimens, responded to the post and used the opportunity to promote its collections.

Chimei Museum's Natural History and Fossils gallery displays animal taxidermy and fossils, and even has dinosaur eggs. The museum is known for its diverse collections. It recently saw a surge in visitors because of a social media post.

Resident: “I thought it was pretty creative, because it responded to a recent happening and encouraged people to visit the museum.”

Resident: “It was just okay, it responded to a recent happening and I clicked on the link.”

Resident: “I thought it was pretty funny.”

The post in question was on the museum's Facebook. It said that if you have a relative that's a child who likes your dinosaurs, you can lend your dinosaurs to the child to enjoy or build a museum to house the collection for everyone to enjoy. It was in response to a popular post about an incident with Godzilla toys that led to a marriage crisis. As Godzilla resembles a dinosaur, the museum took advantage of this opportunity to promote its collections.

Tsai Hai-kuang, Social Media Editor, Chimei Museum: “Chimei Museum's collections are all from the personal collections of founder Shi Wen-long. He didn't keep his collections to himself for his own enjoyment. Instead, he built a museum to display his collections and share them with everyone. We thought that was a good entry point.”

Shi Wen-long founded Chimei Museum in order to share his private collections with everyone. Now, because of a social media post, many people have become familiar with the museum.











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