Groups Raise Concerns About Fourth LNG Terminal 三接工程頻出包 環團:四接還要繼續?

The third LNG terminal in under construction in Taoyuan's Guanyin District. There are also plans to build a fourth terminal on reclaimed land at Keelung's Hsieh-ho Power Plant. Environmental groups say the third terminal construction has run into many problems and question why the fourth one is going ahead.

According to recent reports, half of the 30 caissons placed by CPC Corporation for the third LNG terminal have ruptured. The concrete has peeled off, exposing steel reinforcing bars. Environmental groups say underwater construction harms the marine ecology. They also had concerns about the plan to build the fourth LNG terminal on reclaimed land at Keelung's Hsieh-ho Power Plant.

Pan Chong-cheng, Chair, Taoyuan Coastal Ecological Conservation Assoc.: “Is it still necessary to reclaim land to build the fourth terminal? Under the current energy policy, there are no solutions whatsoever for those industrial issues related to natural gas. Does the natural seacoast have to be destroyed?”

The groups say this is not the first problem with the third terminal. In December 2019, three workers were killed and four were injured when a caisson sank at the Port of Taipei. In March 2020 and again in November 2020, a work vessel ran aground, destroying 5,800 and 110.29 square meters of algal reefs, respectively. The Control Yuan even ordered corrections. CPC Corporation said the caissons were placed and inspected according to specifications.

Chang Ray-chung, Spokesperson, CPC Corporation: “The quality of caissons during the manufacturing process conformed to national standards. During the entire temporary storage or dragging and dropping processes, there were some collisions that caused some concrete to come off.”

CPC Corporation said the damaged caissons at the third terminal are an isolated incident and it will rectify shortcomings. It will also ask an impartial third party to confirm and verify that the completed caissons meet standards in terms of strength and engineering specs. It guaranteed there won't be any negative impact on the environment.








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