Yunlin Announces Not Following New Class Suspension Standards 停課新標準 雲林宣布國小.幼園不跟進

While the Ministry of Education has relaxed guidelines for class suspension, Yunlin and Nantou are the first to say they will not follow suit by maintaining the original stricter regulations to ensure students' safety. 

The Ministry of Education announced on April 12 that standards of class suspension will be relaxed, but because children aged 12 and under have not been vaccinated, Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan made an emergency announcement on the evening of April 12 that the elementary schools and kindergartens in Yunlin County will not follow suit.

Chang Li-shan, Yunlin County Magistrate: “Basically, no child under the age of 12 has been vaccinated, so this is a high risk situation and very dangerous. After discussion, we decide to be on the more cautious side.”

Parent: “The transmission rate is super high, so it's better to be more careful, at the least to prevent an outbreak within the county.”

The Yunlin County Government said that with the current standards if one elementary school or below student is quarantined, the class will be suspended for one day for disinfection. If two or more students are under quarantine, the whole school will be suspended for one to three days as a precautionary measure. If a student tested positive, the class will be suspended for ten days. If two or more students are confirmed cases, then the school-wide suspension will continue for ten days. Nantou County Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen also said on April 13, it will follow Yunlin County.

Lin Ming-zhen, Nantou County Magistrate: “If these students are confirmed cases it is quite dangerous without vaccination. So we are better off following in Magistrate Chang's footsteps to ensure student safety.”

Yunlin County Government said that due to this wave of COVID-19, 15 primary schools, four middle schools, and five senior high and vocational schools in the county have classes suspended. Concerning children 12 years and under who have not been vaccinated, although the standards will be eased, the county decided to take stricter measures for elementary schools and below. As for middle and high schools, they will follow the new rules. 







雲縣府表示,針對國小、幼兒園將維持學校有1人居家隔離, 全班停課一天消毒,若2人以上居家隔離全校預防性停課1至3天,若1人確診班級停課10天, 若2人以上確診全校停課10天。對此,13日上午南投縣長林明溱也表示,會比照雲林縣辦理。