Two Additional Sites Proposed for Yilan HSR Station 高鐵宜蘭站選址增2方案 交長:仍在評估中

The evaluation plan for the high speed rail extension to Yilan cost NT$70 million. Four potential station sites have been chosen, including Yilan, Sicheng, Luodong, and Yilan County Government Station. However, two additional sites are disclosed recently but they have not been written into the report which stirs controversy in the legislature. 

An additional two sites have been disclosed, to go along with the current four choices, for the location of the High Speed Rail's Yilan Station. The Minister of Transportation and Communications Wang Kwo-tsai clarified these two additional choices were suggested by the local authorities and still need to be further evaluated.

Lee Kun-tse, Legislator (DPP) vs. Wang Kwo-tsai, MOTC Minister:"(Is there a fifth or a sixth site?) It is true. There have been many opinions on where the station should be built. Since we have hired a consulting company to do the comprehensive planning, these opinions will be incorporated into our assessment."

Hung Mong-Kai, Legislator (KMT) vs. Wang Kwo-tsai, MOTC Minister:"(Not Yilan, not Sicheng. There is a fifth and sixth choice. Are you now playing simulation city or Monopoly? Is this NT$70 million plan just for show?) The local sites are giving their proposals. They don't think about Yilan as a whole but we will consider the entire county from the beginning of our comprehensive planning."

The written report of the High Speed Rail to Yilan only lists the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 proposed stations. Some legislators questioned why the two new sites were not mentioned in the report. The fifth site is in Yilan City, between Yilan Train Station and the Yilan County Government Station. The sixth site is on Huanshi East Road along Highway 9. Wang confirmed he met with Legislative Speaker You Si-kun on the 20th. You said he is fine with all the potential sites except for Sicheng.

Hung Mong-Kai, Legislator (KMT) vs. Wang Kwo-tsai, MOTC Minister:"(You spoke to Speaker You Si-kun yesterday. What is his view?) He said beside Sicheng, he has no opinion. He asked me to carry on and (respect expert opinions) and then we continue with the evaluation."

Chen Ou-po, Legislator (DPP) vs. Wang Kwo-tsai, MOTC Minister:"We respect experts regarding engineering issues. We don't want politics to get involved. Keep upholding this view. That's why I brought up the difficulty of setting up a station in Yilan. That is what I'm doing."

The four sites are still being evaluated by the consulting company, and the two new sites will also be included in the discussion. As for when the site of Yilan's High Speed Rail Station will be decided, Wang said it will be released within one and a half years in the Yilan Railroad Elevation Planning Report. There is no timetable yet to determine the final site of the Yilan High Speed Rail Station, but it will not be longer to confirm than the railway elevation plan.





民進黨立委 李昆澤 vs. 交通部長 王國材表示:「(到底有沒有第五方案、第六方案?) 的確在地方有,包括這裡談到宜蘭到縣政中心中間,可不可以設站。既然委託顧問公司在做綜合規劃,這些聲音都會把它納入我們的評估。」

國民黨立委 洪孟楷 vs. 交通部長 王國材表示:「(不是宜蘭,不是四城,有第五案,第六案,啊,你們現在是在玩模擬城市?還是在玩大富翁?七千萬的計劃,是不是就是打水漂了?) 這個地方他會提他由上而下的計畫,他沒有考慮到這個在宜蘭這個問題,到我們綜合規劃,開始會考慮到這個問題。」


國民黨立委 洪孟楷 vs. 交通部長 王國材表示:「(你昨天有跟游錫堃院長報告,游錫堃院長的態度是什麼?) 他講說除了四城以外,他沒有意見,請我好好做。(尊重專業。) 然後我們就去做評估。

民進黨立委 陳歐珀 vs. 交通部長 王國材表示:「(工程專業的問題,我們尊重專業,不要政治的干預政治介入。) 一直秉持這樣,所以才會把宜蘭設站的困難提出來,所以我這個本來就秉持這樣在做。」