AEA Helps Scallion Pancake Seller to Pay Debt|賣蔥油餅小販欠健保費 擺攤收入繳國庫

The Administrative Enforcement Agency recently came up with a novel way for a vendor to repay his debt. Take a look.

This is the entrance to the Administrative Enforcement Agency's Hualien Branch. There is a truck selling scallion pancakes, grilled squid, and double sausages to one side. Many passers-by smell the food and stop to make a purchase, while AEA personnel help to collect the payments. This is because everything that is earned will be handed over to the state treasury.

He owed nearly NT$120,000 in national health insurance premiums, so enforcement officers from this branch seized a truck registered to him last month. The scallion pancake seller told us that he needs this truck to earn a living, and asked if he could make the payment in installments in lieu of confiscating the truck.

The scallion pancake seller, surnamed Shen, lives in impoverished conditions, and his wife is a new immigrant who cannot work because she does not have a national identification card. They have a young child together. Shen usually parks his truck at Qixingtan Beach, but does not see much business there. The Hualien Branch therefore offered to let him set up his truck during its monthly joint auctions to help him earn the money needed to pay off his debt.

I would definitely have paid if I had the money, because that's what you should do. You can't get out of it, unless you die. (Can you accept this method to pay back your debt?) Of course, I'm very happy to do it.

The AEA also submitted Shen's case to the National Health Insurance Administration to have him designated as an economic hardship case. It said it is willing to assist and offer guidance to all those who wish to repay their debts to avert social issues.


法務部執行署花蓮分署執行官 邱俊諭表示:「他因為積欠健保費,將近12萬元。本分署執行同仁,在上個月,查獲其名下車輛。蔥油餅阿伯,他表示說,這台車是他的營生工具,請求就是辦理分期繳納,不要查扣他的車輛。」


賣蔥油餅阿伯 沈先生表示:「有錢,我是一定繳啦!這是一定要繳的,跑不掉啦!除非說,我走了啦!(所以他們用這種,等於清償債務,這樣子。你是接受的喔?) 可以接受,非常樂意。」