Should Food Delivery be Suspended During Typhoons?|颱風天應否停止食物外送 勞動部公布指引

Should food delivery services be suspended during typhoon holidays? The Ministry of Labor recently announced safety guidelines to address this issue. Under the guidelines, food delivery may take place during low- and medium-risk weather events, but should be suspended during high-risk events. Food delivery companies say they will primarily base their decisions on Central Weather Bureau standards.

Work and school were canceled in Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung, and other areas during Typhoon Mitag. Many food delivery platforms followed suit by suspending their services. However, if the government has not announced a typhoon holiday even though there is wind and rain, food delivery workers are obligated to brave the elements to deliver orders.

If the winds and rain are strong and food delivery is available, the number of orders will be more, so we are still willing to make deliveries.

If the situation is like this past typhoon holiday, when there wasn't much wind and rain in the morning, I would propose continue offering the service, to allow those who want to order to order and those willing to deliver to deliver. (So you would be willing to make deliveries when there is no wind and rain.) Yes. (Why?) It's a part-time job, otherwise I'll just be at home doing nothing.

Should food delivery services be offered during typhoon holidays without much wind or rain? On Oct. 2, the Ministry of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration released safety guidelines for food delivery. It also created a reference sheet for companies with 10 risk factors for them to assess before sending out delivery workers, including floods, strong winds, heavy rain, and airborne objects. If companies determine the risk is low, workers will be allowed to make deliveries on scooters. If the risk is medium, delivery is possible, although protective measures must be taken or travel distances must be shortened. Services should be suspended during times of high risk.

We discussed this issue with companies and summed up their viewpoints to formulate these guidelines. Delivery can continue during typhoon holidays when there is no or little wind and rain.

Generally speaking, when governments cancel school and work, it is for an entire day. We will suspend our platform once a land warning is issued, even though a typhoon holiday hasn't been announced.

The Ministry of Labor did not entirely ban food delivery during typhoon days. How can risks be assessed? One company says it primarily uses the Central Weather Bureau's criteria to make decisions. For example, if the CWB issues a land warning and there is heavy wind and rain, then it will suspend services. If the CWB lifts the warning, it will consider resuming services. It won't entirely base the decision on when to offer services on the timing of typhoon holidays.


外送員 葉先生表非:「風雨大的時候,如果有外送的話,還是單會比較多,單量會比較多,所以我們還是願意出來跑。」

外送員 楊先生表示:「如果像這次颱風天,上午之前還是沒什麼風雨,建議還是可以開啟系統,想要叫的人去叫,想要送的人去送。(所以無風雨你還是願意出來?) 會,會願意。 (原因是什麼?) 兼差在家裡閒閒也沒事。」


勞動部職安署職業安全組長 李文進表示:「跟業者討論過,綜合他們意見,我們訂出這個指引,雖然放颱風假,但是沒風沒雨,小風小雨,還是可以外送。」

富胖達財務總監 趙淑威表示:「政府一般來講,一停班停課都是一整天的,大概是陸上颱風警報只要一發布,雖然還沒有颱風假,我們就會開始停止平台營運。」