Two Kaohsiung Universities in Merger Talks|中山大學拋併高醫大 公私校合併難度高

National Sun Yat-sen University previously raised the possibility of a merger with Kaohsiung Medical University. However, as it is difficult for private and public schools to merge, this plan was scrapped and National University of Kaohsiung became the next contender. Officials from both schools have already called on each other, and have tentatively agreed to merge the two universities under the precondition that the "National Sun Yat-sen University" name would be retained.

In March, National University of Kaohsiung President Leon Wang led a delegation of school officials including vice presidents to National Sun Yat-sen University for a visit. In April, National Sun Yat-sen University President Cheng Ying-yao paid a return visit to National University of Kaohsiung. The issue that was discussed during both meetings was the feasibility of a merger between the two schools.

I think it would be great to have a medical school (after the merger), because I wish to take related courses but have no way of doing it here.

National Yang-Ming University and National Chiao Tung University complement each other quite well, because one is focused on natural sciences and the other is focused on mathematical sciences. The degree of overlap between our two schools is higher, so the value of similar departments may become less.

National Sun Yat-sen University currently has 9,000 students, and meets the requirements for a merger with another school. A decade ago, it submitted a merger application to the Ministry of Education. However, it withdrew the application following backlash from students. The university says it is seeking a merger because it wants to integrate resources and develop the idea that one plus one is greater than two. Such a merger depends on National University of Kaohsiung agreeing to use the name "National Sun Yat-sen University" after the merger.

A public hearing is an assessment. Students, teachers, and administrative staff can assess and plan. If they have any doubts about this issue or better ideas, they can be incorporated into the planning process.

The university adds the school will hold 15 public hearings during April to gather opinions. If it discovers any major obstacles along the way, it may scrap the merger idea. Meanwhile, National University of Kaohsiung has already established a task force to handle merger-related arrangements. A merger resolution was passed during a school affairs meeting last year, and another school affairs meeting will be held in May to discuss and confirm using the name "National Sun Yat-sen University" after the merger. If everything proceeds smoothly, a cross-school task force will be set up in May.



中山大學學生表示:「陽明跟交大(合併),不是就是一個是偏三類組、一個是二類組,就是互補性比較高,我們(兩校)重複性比較高,就會覺得, 相同科系的學歷,可能會貶值。」


中山大學副校長 蔡秀芬表示:「公聽會就是一個評估,評估的部分,那評估跟規劃,學生、老師、教職員工之間,它們對這件事情如果有疑慮,或者有更好的想像的東西,能夠在我們在規畫的過程中,能夠更周延的(納入)考量。」