Property tax in tainan city rose by an average of 67% starting this May and is expected to go up even more throughout the next three years. On June 23, Tainan City Council held a meeting on the issue. KMT councillors were unhappy as an independent councillors' motion to lower property taxes had not been scheduled for debate. They physically fought with DPP councillors, turning the council chamber into a fight club. At the podium, Tainan City Council Speaker Lai Mei-hui shouted for security to maintain order as independent, KMT and DPP councilors fought all around her. During the scrum, members of the public on the second floor auditorium joined in, hoisting protest banners which called the property tax, a '15 year retroactive tax' as they banged on the plastic dividing panels. This conflict was due to the Tainan City Council session to pass the second and third readings of regulations. The KMT was unhappy that independent councillor, Chen Chao-lai's motion to lower property tax had not been tabled. They demanded that it be included. However, the Speaker did not count votes but only took a show of hands, which precipitated councillors' dissatisfaction and they invaded the podium and started fighting with the DPP councillors. ==TSAI YU-HUI Tainan City KMT councillor== Our property taxes are higher than any other city and county, even Taipei City lowered property taxes, the depreciation rate in all cities and counties is high and in Tainan City we only have 1 percent, it is unreasonable, why can the council even discuss this today? why does the city council just have to support whatever the government says? Unhappy local residents also tried to enter the council floor and were held at the door by Tainan City Police Chief Huang Tsong-ren. When the meeting resumed, the Chair was willing to take a vote and there were 24 votes against to 20 for. The DPP won by dint of their superior numbers and so no changes were made to the schedule of debate. ==LAI MEI-HUI Tainan City Council Speaker == Proposal denied. Thank you, everyone. In May property tax in Tainan City started a rise which will be spread over three years. On average, tax will rise by 67 percent angering residents. Residents have come forward to protest several times, even entering Tainan City Mayor William Lai's office to protest. However, Lai says that this is not a retroactive tax as the city was not asking people to pay back taxes. Only property built after 2001 was affected around 110,000 households, so this was impacted only the minimal property tax scope possible. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 台南市房屋稅今年5月開始分3年調漲,平均調漲67%,引發民怨。台南市議會今天召開大會,國民黨議員不滿,由無黨籍議員提案的「房屋稅降稅案」,沒有被排進議程,與民進黨議員發生嚴重肢體衝突,議場再度上演全武行。 台南市議長賴美惠在主席台上大喊請警衛維持秩序,一旁無黨籍議員、國民黨籍議員和民進黨籍議員,已經扭打成一團。 衝突中,二樓旁聽席的民眾也高舉「反對房屋稅追溯15年」的抗議海報,拍打壓克力透明隔板加入戰局。 議會衝突再現,主因在於台南市議會今天召開大會,進行二、三讀議案,國民黨議員不滿,由無黨籍議員陳朝來提案的房屋稅降稅案沒有排進,要求變更議程,結果議長沒有清點人數,只舉手表決,引發在野議員不滿,才會衝上主席台與民進黨議員爆發肢體衝突。 ==台南市國民黨籍議員 蔡育輝== 我們稅率比別縣市還高 台北市也降了 折舊率每個縣市也都很高 只有我們台南市1%而已 不合理 今天為何議會不能討論 為什麼市府講 議員就要支持 不滿的群眾也一度要衝進去議場,被台南市警察局長黃宗仁擋在門口。 恢復開會後,主席同意以具名投票,結果24票反對、20票贊成,民進黨以人數優勢,宣布變更議程不通過。 ==台南市議長 賴美惠== 結果否決 謝謝大家 台南市房屋稅今年5月起分3年調漲,平均調漲67%,不滿台南市府的房屋稅政策,市民曾出面陳情,也曾直衝市長室抗議,而台南市長賴清德曾解釋,這次調整不是回溯,因為並沒有要求補稅,而且民國90年以後興建的房屋才受影響,約11萬戶,已經是衝擊最低的方案。 綜合報導