Groups Urge Companies to Withdraw From Russia NGO籲企業撤出俄羅斯 亦莫運交敏感物資

More than a year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and at least six million Ukrainians have fled. Citizen groups convened a press conference on March 8 to demand the complete withdrawal of multinationals from Russia and a ban on exports of machinery and microelectronics components.

These slogans urge Taiwanese multinationals to stop doing business in Russia. More than a year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and at least six million Ukrainians have become refugees. Casualties are innumerable. Citizen groups convened a press conference to demand the complete withdrawal of multinationals from Russia.

Shi Yi-hsiang, Secretary-General, Taiwan Association for Human Rights: “Micro-Star International and this Johnson Health Tech, these two companies did not respond at all or make any information public, so we surmised that these two Taiwanese companies are companies that are still operating in Russia.”

Yurii Poita, Visiting Research Fellow, INDSR: “I think that it is necessary to review and perhaps improve the export whole control system and upon confirmation of this information to ban the supply of machine tools and microelectronic products to Russia.”

The groups wanted Taiwan's multinationals to stop exporting machinery and microelectronics components to Russia so that they wouldn't end up being used by the military. They said they confirmed that Taiwanese multinationals Evergreen Marine Corp., Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, Merida Industry Co., Ltd, and Giant Bicycles have already stopped providing services in Russia.

Freddy Lim, Legislator (Ind.): “Under this kind of environment, doing business ends up being really dangerous and very high risk. That's why I hope the Taiwanese companies that have been called out today can make a decision. I also really hope they can make public their current status in Russia.”

Groups and legislators said companies that are still doing business with Russia need to stand on the side of humanitarianism and stop exporting to Russia. They added business operations should comply with human rights standards and these companies shouldn't be accomplices to Russia's unjust war.










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