Legislators Report for Duty for New Session 洪孟楷連3會期搶頭香 陳靜敏關注健保給付

Legislators began reporting for duty for the seventh session of the 10th Legislative Yuan on Feb. 2.  

Legislators began reporting for duty for the seventh session of the 10th Legislative Yuan on Feb. 1. KMT Legislator Hung Meng-kai was the first to report for the new session for the third straight time. He said he is standing at the front line to help the people and supervise the government. DPP Legislator Chen Ching-min, the only legislator with a nursing background, expressed her concerns over NHI payments. The first item on the agenda of the new session is expected to be the special regulations for the NT$6,000 cash handout.  

Ker Chien-ming, Legislator (DPP): “It will be handed over to legislators to examine around March 3. There will simultaneously be an interpellation with the premier. Once that is completed, then it will be handed over to legislators to examine again. Once that's completed, there will of course be a so-called one month period. That means that everything can be completed by the week of April 10.”

Chiu Hsien-chih, Legislator (NPP): “The gains from economic growth aren't being distributed to all grassroots people. What's even more serious is inflation, including sky-high housing prices.”

Parties haven't yet reached a consensus on the special regulations. DPP Legislator Ker Chien-ming said the second week of April will be the soonest that the cash will be handed out. The NPP said the government can't borrow money to hand it out, and called for the government to quickly formulate a basic wage law. President Tsai Ing-wen has given new Premier Chen Chien-jen four major tasks. The TPP said housing justice is missing and the new Cabinet doesn't have a honeymoon period. It will need to immediately address overtaxation, high housing prices, and labor insurance reforms. Amendments to the Mining Act are also urgent.

Chiu Chen-yuan, Legislator (TPP): “We will strongly supervise based on the five main aspects of social security, national security, economic prosperity, housing justice, environmental sustainability, and fiscal discipline. ”

Wu Sz-huai, Legislator (KMT): “Many weapons systems will arrive in Taiwan this year. We still need to undertake training for installation and replacement, as well as combat readiness tests. Whether all this can be completed in one year is a big question mark.”

The KMT expressed concerns over the bankruptcy of the labor insurance system. The length of compulsory military service will be extended to one year next year. KMT Legislator Wu Sz-huai said it's a fact that the two sides of the strait are in danger of war, so he is concerned about the military service reform's supporting policies and implementation, as well as the delivery of U.S. arms purchased by Taiwan.










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