Conscript Salaries Increased to Over NT$20,000 義務役8週集訓薪僅萬餘 結訓才能領到2萬

The length of the compulsory military service period has been reinstated to one year, and the Ministry of National Defense will also increase the monthly salary of conscripts to NT$26,307. It said conscripts will have to complete eight weeks of boot camp to be eligible for the new monthly salary.

The government recently decided to reinstate the length of the compulsory military service period to one year, and the Ministry of National Defense only has one year to prepare. The monthly salary of conscripts was also adjusted to NT$26,307, which will be NT$20,320 in disposable income. During a press conference on Jan. 5, the ministry said conscripts must complete an eight-week boot camp in order to start receiving this salary of about NT$20,000. During the eight-week boot camp, the salary will be around NT$10,000.

Teng Ke-hsiung, Director, Dept. of Resources Planning, MND: “After they enlist, complete training, and get certified in a specialty, then they are qualified to receive the additional NT$10,190. In other words, once they complete training and are certified in a specialty, they will receive NT$20,320. The stipends are distributed in stages and conditionally.”

The ministry said there will be additional benefits for conscripts stationed on outlying islands or in remote areas, but they will receive less than enlisted soldiers. There will be live ammunition training over the one-year service period based on the training given to active duty troops. Troops will also take part in the exercises. They could learn how to operate Javelin and Harpoon missiles, which have played a significant role in the Ukraine-Russia war. However, these are considered to be extremely specialized weapons, and there are concerns that one year is not long enough for conscripts to learn how to use them.

Chang Chun-chih, Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Training, MND: “Javelin missiles require about four weeks of training. Simulators will be used to increase the training intensity. There will also be live ammunition drills, and we will integrate the annual arms shooting process to conduct training for shooting.”

The All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency said conscripts who have received training in advanced specialties will be assigned to appropriate units for refresher training once they are discharged according to needs. Some scholars suggest sending outstanding conscripts to receive training in the U.S. and upgrade their combat capability. The agency said it will consider this suggestion.









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