Taipei Mayoral Candidates Spar over Teams 競選團隊被檢視 「政二代」成藍綠交鋒議題

DPP Taipei City mayoral candidate Chen Shih-chung's campaign team was recently revealed and subsequently panned by the KMT as a group of "politicians' children." The DPP responded that KMT candidate Chiang Wan-an's team is not far off.

DPP Taipei City mayoral candidate Chen Shih-chung pays close attention as the speaker demonstrates correct breastfeeding techniques, hoping to give the impression that he cares about childrearing. His campaign team was recently revealed, and includes the children of numerous Executive Yuan officials. The KMT described it as Chen's army of "politicians' children." The DPP responded that KMT candidate Chiang Wan-an's team also includes "politicians' children."

Chiang Wan-an, KMT Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “All of the people on my team were voted on by the public. This is completely different than (Chen Shih-chung's) team.”

Chen Shih-chung, DPP Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “Everyone's talking about them being the offspring of politicians, but the actual accusation is that they're unqualified but suddenly were given a boost to a higher position because they are shielded by their parents.”

Meanwhile, independent candidate Vivian Huang said legal measures can be taken if any personal information was stolen and that wars of words are meaningless.

Vivian Huang, Independent Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “A group of politicians' children is helping Chen Shih-chung to battle against Chiang Wan-an. I don't have this problem with politicians' children. Everyone should accept assessments.”

Huang also said the most important thing is to propose policies and visions, while Chen said he will use his political views to appeal to voters and won't use dirty tricks. Chiang said opinion polls can be used as a reference and he will double his efforts.




國民黨台北市長參選人蔣萬安表示:「看到他們公布我團隊的名單,這些都是經過民意的洗禮,民眾投票選出來的民意代表,這跟他們 (陳時中)的團隊是完全不同。」





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