Taipei City Officials Meet with MOI Official 內政部:大巨蛋煙控不符標準 有安全疑慮

Taipei Dome will not have its soft opening in October as its smoke control plan did not pass muster.

On the 7th, Taipei City officials met with Deputy Interior Minister Hua Ching-chun to discuss the status of the Shezidao expropriation case, the northern Dawan urban renewal plan, and the Taipei Dome fire safety review. The ministry later said Taipei Dome's smoke control plan still does not meet national standards.

Hua Ching-chun, Deputy Interior Minister: “We still need Farglory to provide clarification on its smoke control method and 15 other areas that are not up to code. Only then can we finish the review and move on to conducting an actual smoke test.”

Hua says the smoke testing plan is the most critical part of Taipei Dome's fire safety review and the ministry will be in charge of future reviews. The final inspection will be conducted by the Taipei City Fire Department.

Yang Shun-chin, Farglory Group Spokesperson: “The most difficult part is probably measurement or picking locations for taking measurements. We can't conduct a real test until the plan is approved. ”

Vivian Huang, Taipei City Deputy Mayor: “The Taipei City Government always follows the law. Deputy Mayor Tsai is the one in charge of this case, so please direct your questions to him.”

Taipei City Deputy Spokesperson Hans Wei says the sticking point right now is the smoke control simulation review. Wei also said there were originally only six items on the checklist left and after the last review committee meeting the number suddenly jumped to 61. In response, the National Fire Agency said Farglory submitted some but not all of the required paperwork on June 8 and the committee is acting legally and professionally. The agency also said Taipei is not living up to its responsibilities of supervision.