13 Mail Carriers Confirmed with COVID at Madou 麻豆郵局13郵差確診 中華郵政急調度支援

In Madou District of Tainan, 13 mail carriers have recently been confirmed with COVID-19. Chunghwa Post quickly arranged to have delivery persons from other Tainan branch subbing in to keep daily operations normal. 

The Chunghwa Post sent personnel from the headquarter to Madou District Post Office in Tainan to get involved with the situation and to go through COVID-prevention measures with the local staff. Thirteen out of 19 local postal delivery persons from the Madou District are down with COVID. It is a lot of work for the leftover 6 delivery persons to deliver to 15 areas.

Local resident: “It is tough for postal workers, especially for delivery persons since they are more easily exposed to the virus from being in contact with many people. ”

Local resident: “If the mail gets here slower so be it. I am not going to worry about it.”

Most residents are understanding of the situation with late delivery. Chunghwa Post arranged to have 10 mail carriers from neighboring post offices to sub in at Madou District temporarily to keep daily operations running normally.

Cheng Pei-ju, Assistant Manager, Tainan Main Post Office: “We have 10 mail carriers filling in already. Internal operation is not too much affected. We will keep the postal work running normally. Packages, registered mail, and express mail will be handled first. Normal mail will be delivered within 5 days going by the date received at the post office.”

Another round of thorough disinfection has already been conducted at the Madou District Post Office since the outbreak. The post office is also handing out rapid test kits to the staff starting on Monday, May 23 for staff members to test themselves before work. Employees can only come to work after they have tested negative. All operations are back to normal. Companies and businesses learn to always be prepared to respond to COVID-19 to alleviate its impact.