Leaving EVA Airways for 6 Years, Chang Kuo-wei Takes Over UNI Air 長榮集團經營權變化 張國煒接掌立榮董座

UNI Air held an extraordinary board meeting on the 14th. Chang Kuo-wei, a major shareholder and chairperson of Starlux Airlines, was voted to take over as UNI Air chairperson. After being removed from the post of EVA Airways head for six years, Chang returned to the Evergreen Group.

One of UNI Air's major shareholders, Evergreen Logistics' legal representative Lin Pao-shui, attended UNI Air's extraordinary board meeting accompanied by a lawyer. This board meeting was held at the Evergreen Hotel and successfully ended in less than an hour. Just like the outside world expected, the board elected Chang Kuo-wei, one of UNI Air's major shareholders, to take over as the new chairperson, with immediate effect. 

Chang Kuo-wei, New Chairperson of UNI Air: “To be realistic, due to my current situation, I'm just a temporary caretaker of UNI Air. Is this an agreement? No, what's the deal? This is not an agreement. Since I created Starlux, I will take good care of it. People shouldn't be greedy. We just take things to step by step. I am responsible for my buddies. In the beginning, I brought everyone out to create Starlux. I have the responsibility to take care of them.”

Chang emphasized that all the business units under the Evergreen Group are left by his father. Whoever has the ability can take them over. He has been entrusted with this position. This will not affect his self-created Starlux Airlines and there will be no merger between the two. Starlux Airlines said that UNI Air, which mainly operates domestic routes and also holds cross-strait air rights, are two independent businesses, which are completely different. Strategic cooperation has not been ruled out after Chang took over UNI Air.

Nieh Kuo-wei, PR Head, Starlux Airlines: “We will discuss further with UNI Air regarding cooperation on domestic and international routes as we develop our business.”

Huang Shih-tsung, Financial Analyst: “It seems that the two are complementary, especially since both are under the control of Chang. There should be a new atmosphere in the airline industry.”

According to industry analysis, Starlux continued to launch flights across Asia, even though it encountered the epidemic at launch. Now Chang has taken over UNI Air again, he can make up for Starlux's lack of domestic routes. Domestic airline routes are expected to be reshuffled, as they have long been under the control of China Airlines and EVA Air's subsidiaries. 









產業界分析,星宇航空一起步就遇上疫情, 但仍持續開航布局亞洲航線,如今張國煒再拿下立榮航空,透過合作可補足星宇在國內線的拼圖,過去長期由華航長榮兩大國籍航空子公司,掌握航國內線的市場生態將重新洗牌。