Quasi-general Screening in Keelung 基隆全面「類普篩」 王必勝:先廣發快篩試劑

The epidemic continues to spread in Keelung. The CECC announced on March 30 that residents in Keelung will be screened for a comprehensive "quasi-general screening." The CECC emphasized its hope that people can self-screen 1 to 3 times with the self-screening tests that will be distributed to everyone. 

The medical staff are helping people who arrived for screening. Even if it is raining, many people are still at the screening station early in the morning because the epidemic is spreading in Keelung.

Keelung Resident: “Protect yourself, protect everyone. After all, there are many epidemic cases in Keelung. So hopefully we can all do our part to combat this virus.”

Keelung Resident: “How do you do a general screening? We came here because they are more skilled and also we have kids.”

The public had little understanding of the Central Epidemic Command Center's announcement that Keelung will be undergoing a "quasi-general screening."  

Victor Wang, CEO of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's Hospital and Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission, went to Keelung City Hall on the 31st again to participate in an epidemic prevention meeting. He said that rapid screening tests will be widely distributed to Keelung's 360,000 residents so each person can self-screen 1 to 3 times. If they test positive, a PCR test will then be carried out for confirmation. Details of how to distribute and recycle the tests are still being discussed with the city government.

Victor Wang, CEO, Hospital and Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission, MOHW: “We will see how many tests we can distribute to all of our Keelung residents. And then we will see how many tests we actually get back. This screening isn't mandatory, but we hope everyone will try their best to cooperate.”

Lin Chien-yu, Deputy Chief, Police Bureau, Keelung City: “One of our officers tested positive with a quick screening test today. We have notified the CECC in accordance with regulations for a PCR test. We will explain further after the test results are released.”

It has also been reported that the Keelung City Police Bureau has two more officers confirmed with the virus. The Control Yuan believes that the Keelung Police Bureau has not thoroughly implemented epidemic prevention measures and mismanaged its officers. Its police officers have violated discipline rules to go drinking and contracted the virus. This has resulted in a breach in epidemic prevention. The Control Yuan has applied to investigate the entire case. 













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