PTS Loses 84,000 News Archive Files 公視新聞片庫遭廠商刪除 遺失8.4萬筆資料

Public Television Service's digital assets in the news library were accidentally deleted by its data storage company. Culture Minister Lee Yung-te said a special task force has been formed to investigate this incident, while PTS said it will seek compensation and hold relevant people accountable.

Public Television Service accumulated numerous news clips over the years, only to see them disappear in an instant. PTS outsourced the storage of its digital news library, and the data storage company deleted its files. On March 16, the Ministry of Culture reported on this incident to the legislature. PTS said there were 84,000 files that can't be recovered, and legislators across party lines could not believe that something like this could happen. The ministry said it has formed an investigatory task force with the Executive Yuan's Department of Cyber Security and the National Communications Commission, and the results of the investigation will be announced within a month.

Lee Yung-te, Culture Minister: “It's inconceivable that something like this happened. There must be some reason why it occurred. It's probably not as simple as a mistake committed by a single person. There must be others involved, whether they are responsible for setting up systems or something else. ”

Wan Mei-lingm, Legislator (KMT): “Every time a major incident occurs, we always find a scapegoat and there is always an absurd reason and we beat around the bush until the next incident. That's why I actually quite condone your attitude today.”

The ministry said punishment will be administered.

Lee Yung-te, Culture Minister: “PTS has already internally drawn up the list of names to be punished and to take responsibility. ”

With regards to the unrecoverable files, PTS said it will first purchase footage from Taiwan Broadcasting System's CTS and the money will come out of the news department's service fees. PTS' board will set up a task force to determine whether it will seek compensation from the company.

Hsu Chiu-hua, Acting GM, PTS: “The board intends to set up a task force and ask professional consultants and lawyers to determine the appropriate compensation amount.”
Huang Kuo-shu, Legislator (Ind.): “Okay, thank you. Can you report back on this issue within a month's time?”

On March 11, two members of a filming crew died after falling into a pond in Miaoli. The Ministry of Labor said the employer did not arrange for crew members to wear life jackets and there were no protective railings or safety ropes on site, which are all violations of the law. It promised to conduct inspections in the future. The Ministry of Culture said it will draft guidelines on how cultural and artistic undertakings should comply with labor laws and how to draft contracts for cultural and art workers to uphold rights and benefits and strengthen work safety awareness.