Taoyuan Restaurants Ordered to Halve Seating Capacity 桃市府宣布 1/29起餐廳內用座位減半

There are currently four COVID-19 transmission chains extending across Taoyuan. The city government has discovered overlap between the Chien Tu Hotpot restaurant and Jimmy Bear Kindergarten clusters. As many of the new cases can be traced to restaurants, Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan has ordered restaurants to reduce their seating capacity by half.

Taoyuan saw 28 new COVID-19 cases on Jan. 26, and there are currently four transmission chains extending across the city. A city government investigation showed there may be a link between the Chien Tu Hotpot restaurant and Jimmy Bear Kindergarten clusters. A kindergarten student's grandmother tested positive, and ate at the restaurant on Jan. 16. It's possible she was infected while eating there, and then spread it to her family. There were at least three other groups of customers on the same day.

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “The footprints in the two epidemic investigations overlapped, so it should be the fourth group of customers to test positive in the Chien Tu Hotpot restaurant cluster infection. We hope that people who dined at Chien Tu Hotpot's Bade-Jieshou branch on Jan. 16 will go get tested.”

A Longtan retiree has also tested positive, and the infection source is unknown. Friends who shared a table at a farm stay cafeteria also tested positive. Many of the new cases can be traced to restaurant dining. The Taoyuan City Government hasn't ordered eateries to ban on-site dining, but they will be required to halve their seating capacity by Jan. 29. 

Cheng Wen-tsan, Mayor, Taoyuan City: “We hope to control the flow of people through restaurants by reducing the seating capacity by half and banning the use of karaoke equipment. People will need to wear masks if they leave their seats. If restaurants cannot reduce their capacity by half due to their layout, they can use alternative measures such as social distancing, partitions, or private rooms.”

Foreign worker disease prevention and safety are also important. Taoyuan has already started the first round of rapid testing for companies that employ 50 or more foreign workers, and has tested 44,397 people. Two tested positive in the rapid tests. They then took PCR tests. One came back negative and the other result hasn't come back yet. The city will expand testing to companies with 20 or more foreign workers, and expects to test 80,000 workers.










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