United Biopharma Applying Again for EUA Approval 聯亞爭取EUA 將提科學證據拚第二次審查

Domestic vaccine producer United Biopharma has not received the emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. The company stated that it will present scientific evidence such as "viral immune memory" and resubmit its application at the end of this year. Additionally, the country’s self-purchased 1.1 million Moderna doses arrived in the evening. And the seventh batch of BNT vaccine arrived early this morning.

Moderna and BNT vaccines arrive in the country one after another! The 1.1 million doses of Moderna vaccine purchased by Taiwan left the US on the morning of the 8th and arrived in the country in the evening. In addition, more than one million doses of BNT vaccine donated by businesses and private groups including the Yongling Foundation, TSMC, and Tzu Chi arrived at around 5 am this morning. They will be tested and sealed before being distributed to the public. Medigen has been the only domestically produced vaccine to have received EUA approval. United Biopharma has submitted its EUA application for the second time. The company claims their vaccine has "viral immune memory", which can accurately eliminate the virus when it enters the body.

Peng Wen-jiun, Executive Vice President, United Biopharma:"We proved our vaccine's immune memory. Once vaccinated, if you are infected, our vaccine can stir a strong immune memory to attack this virus."

United Biopharma stated that a recent Academia Sinica study found antibody titer reached about 4,000 times, an increase of 37 times when the third dose of their vaccine was administered after 8 to 10 months. This surpassed Novavax, Moderna, and BNT, proving that United Biopharma's vaccine can maintain a longer immune memory in the human body. It is also effective against the Delta variant but this doesn't mean that the third dose must be administered.

Peng Wen-jiun, Executive Vice President, United Biopharma:"We can achieve long-term immune protection based on our antibody titer against both the new variant or the one already in the body."

In the first EUA review rejected by the FDA, United Biopharma's neutralizing antibodies were not as good as that of AZ. The most primitive Wuhan virus strain was used for testing at the time. The company emphasized that it followed up with the FDA to adjust EUA review criteria and hope that it will be officially submitting its vaccines for review again before the end of the year. 





聯亞生技執行副總 彭文君表示:「我們證明了這個免疫記憶性,一旦打了疫苗之後,被感染的時候,它就可以喚起很強的免疫記憶性,來攻擊這個新冠的病毒。」


聯亞生技執行副總 彭文君表示:「不管是變種病毒,或者是維持身體裡面的,這個抗體力價來講的話,我們是可以做到長期免疫保護性的。」