Representative Washed Away by Current Remained Missing 桃源區代表謝宜真視察落水 持續搜救

Rescue missions continue after Kaohsiung's Taoyuan representative Hsieh Yi-chen was swept away by a landslide on her way home after paying a visit to the area affected by heavy rain. Meanwhile, three local boroughs remain cut off from the outside world as their access bridge collapsed. 

The three search teams consisted of 28 firefighters, three rafts, and two drones, with the search concentrating on the area between Mingbakelu Bridge and Liugui.

Kao Ming-chu, Squadron Chief, Sixth District Emerg. and Rescue Corps, Fire Bureau, KHH:” We are continuing to look for the missing person at Mingbakelu Bridge, Sala'awu Bridge, Baolai Second Bridge and Liugui Bridge.”

Aliman, Husband of Taoyuan Representative Hsieh Yi-chen:” While it was raining yesterday, I called her and told her not to come down because of landslides. The landslide happened so suddenly and the river flooded when they were (already) in the middle.” 

Hsieh is believed to have fallen into the water near pier P3. The river was flowing very quickly at the time and the scale of the landslide is making the search more difficult. Fuxing Borough Chief Chiang Wei-ming, who was with Hsieh at the time, says he couldn't grab Hsieh to stop her from falling into the water. He was also hit by debris from the landside, getting covered in mud and losing his shoes.

Chen Cheng-wei, Director, Jiaxian Maintenance Office, DGH:” We ask everyone going up the mountain to keep themselves safe by staying out of sealed and closed areas.” 

Officials have closed the area around the accident site to the public. The Directorate-General of Highways, meanwhile, says mountain residents should wait patiently for the bridge to be repaired.