Portugal beats host France to win Euro 2016 / 歐洲盃決賽 葡扳倒地主法國首度奪冠          

This summer's feast of football at Euro 2016 came to an end on Sunday as host France took on Portugal in the final at the Stade de France. The Portuguese substitute Eder won the European Championship for Portugal with a brilliant goal after Cristiano Ronaldo went off injured in the first half. Singing Portuguese national anthem loudly and happily, this is the second time Portugal's football team played in the European Cup final. This year they played against the host nation France. However in the 25th minute, Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo was carried out due to his injury. Ronaldo was out, and two sides scored nothing. By the 109th minute, the substitute Eder finally fired up and made a goal from 25 yards in extra time, giving Portugal one point over zero to win over France. And they made the championship. ==PORTUGUESE FAN== We were patient. We have waited so many years and could not win the cup. This time the luck is with our side, finally can take the cup home. This time is our turn. Twelve years ago, Portugal was the host to Euro Cup, but lost the game to Greece. After twelve years, finally, they got the Cup home. The host France lost the game, but fans gave much praise for the efforts. ==FRENCH FAN== French team accomplished an impossible mission in Euro Cup, we the host certainly wanted to win just like 1986(the Euro Cup) and 1998(the World Cup). But our future is bright, I am very sure about this. ==PORTUGUESE FAN== Portuguese team kicked with confidence, that was a very good game, Christiano Ronaldo deserves this Cup. Portuguese team was not looking good at first, but it made the final game and won the Cup. The Eiffel Tower in Paris has matched its lights to the flag colors of Portugal, to congratulate them for winning the game. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 葡萄牙球迷大聲唱著國歌,這是他們隊史第二度,闖進歐洲國家杯決賽;不同於前一次葡萄牙是地主,這一回他們要挑戰東道主法國。只是開賽才第25分鐘,葡萄牙球星C羅,就因為左膝蓋的傷勢嚴重,躺在擔架上離場。 但C羅的退場,並沒有讓法國討到便宜,反而激起葡萄牙的鬥志;兩隊踢完正規90分鐘,都沒能攻破大門,殺進延長賽決勝負。比賽第109分鐘,葡萄牙替補上場的前鋒艾達,在25碼外右腳遠射,小皮球成功破網;葡萄牙終場就靠著全場唯一的進球,以1比0險勝地主法國,隊史首度奪冠。 ==葡萄牙球迷== 我們充滿耐心 等待了這麼多年卻始終無法奪冠 這一次運氣站在我們這邊 總算能抱回冠軍獎杯 這次輪到輪到我們了 12年前,身為主辦國的葡萄牙,在決賽中敗給希臘;12年的等待,葡萄牙總算討回在自己家裡失去的冠軍;反觀地主法國,雖然輸掉了比賽,但球迷仍然給予高度評價。 ==法國球迷== 法國在歐洲杯完成了不可思議的任務 我們當然希望複製1986(歐洲杯) 和1998(世界杯)一樣的主場奪冠 但未來仍然一片光明 這點我很確定 ==葡萄牙球迷== 葡萄牙踢得很有自信 這是一場非常棒的比賽 C羅也配得上這座獎杯 葡國本屆表現開低走高,最後不僅衝進決賽,更一舉抱回冠軍;巴黎當地著名地標艾菲爾鐵塔,特別將燈光換成葡萄牙國旗配色,來恭賀他們可敬的對手。 記者 鄭惟仁 報導

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