Minister Promises More Imported Eggs Coming 陳吉仲:4-5月回暖 進口雞蛋擴至三千萬顆

Eggs continue to remain in short supply across Taiwan. The wholesale price has skyrocketed to NT$55 per catty. Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung said imports will be further increased to 30 million eggs in April and May as the weather warms up. The Council of Agriculture will also expand its cold chain inventory tenfold to reduce any year-end impact.

“One catty of white eggs costs NT$80 today, alright? It's NT$5 cheaper today.”A common sight across Taiwan in recent weeks has been long lines of people waiting to buy eggs. The wholesale price has skyrocketed to NT$55 per catty, the highest price in history. However, the actual price at markets is around NT$80. Even though eggs are much more expensive than before, the supply is still unable to meet the demand. Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung promised a minimum of five million eggs will be imported before the end of March. The import volume will be increased once the weather warms up in April and May.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “At least over 30 million eggs will come in to make up for this short-term shortage.”

Chen headed to the legislature on March 22 to give a report. He promised that huge amounts of eggs will be imported and that they won't affect origin prices. Some regions will get priority in the distribution.

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “Actually, we want to send them to the north.”

The Council of Agriculture said the domestic production capacity is progressively increasing and the number of laying hens will reach 31.5 million this week, an increase of 590,000 compared to last week. Meanwhile, DPP legislators expressed concerns over hoarding. They said many people are showing off their egg hoards on social media, including photos of iron eggs and stewed eggs, while blasting the government for its incompetence.

Chiu Yi-ying, Legislator (DPP): “Hoarding is very unwise, because eggs have an expiration date and will spoil.”
Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “I think this issue will be resolved because now egg supply procedures have become more stable.”

It's still unknown if people are hoarding eggs and causing shortages. Nevertheless, the COA is expanding its cold chain inventory to reduce any possible year-end impact. It will increase the inventory by tenfold from the 30,000 cartons in 2022.










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