Hoarse Lin Chia-lung Canvasses on 25th 林佳龍回防三蘆 率綠議員候選人拜票

On the day before the election, DPP New Taipei City mayor candidate Lin Chia-lung canvassed with his party's city councilor candidates in Sanchong and Luzhou, while his opponent, current Mayor Hou Yu-ih, greeted voters at a traditional market.

A hoarse Lin Chia-lung canvasses alongside city council candidates in New Taipei's Sanchong and Luzhou on the 25th. Lin, who is the DPP's candidate for New Taipei mayor, is confident the DPP will win the majority in the city council. His opponent, Mayor Hou Yu-ih, not only wants to win by a margin of 300,000 votes, but also wants a clean sweep of the city's 29 administrative districts. This means taking back Sanchong, Luzhou, Pinglin, Shiding and Gongliao.

Lin Chia-lung, New Taipei City Mayor Candidate (DPP): “They're already making excuses. First, they said they would win by a 400,000-vote margin. Then, they said they would use other benchmarks like the percentage of votes won. (He's) been mayor or deputy mayor for 12 years and has a huge budget. However, city administration never improved. In fact, it got worse.”

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor Candidate (KMT): “No matter where I am, I want to build infrastructure and reach out to every individual. I want New Taipei to be better. That's where I stand.”

Vendors and shoppers were thrilled when Hou visited a market on the 25th, with the market quickly swelling to capacity. Meanwhile, Enen's father called on the public to throw Hou out of office with their ballots.

Lin Chia-lung, New Taipei City Mayor Candidate (DPP): “Victims and their families -- let's take a look at them. We need to cast our votes to help Enen's father.”

Hou Yu-ih, New Taipei City Mayor Candidate (KMT): “I respect his opinion. Thank you.”

Both camps opted to hold their election eve rallies in Banqiao, at venues separated by just 300 meters. The area is also close to Christmasland. Aware this meant a high possibility of violence breaking out, the New Taipei police sent 800 officers to maintain order. Lin said he has faith the New Taipei City Government could handle the situation, while Hou said he has faith citizens can behave themselves.










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