Fluctuations in Weather, ECUs Become Overcrowded 醫:各種感染症提早肆虐 各院急診暴增

Doctors observed that apart from COVID-19, many other types of infectious diseases seem to take an earlier appearance, flooding emergency care units of all hospitals, especially pediatric emergency care. 

With the recent fluctuations in weather, emergency care units start to become overcrowded. Doctors discovered that there is no need to wait till winter, as all kinds of infectious diseases are already rampant. Apart from COVID-19, there are diseases like Mycoplasma pneumonia, Norovirus gastroenteritis, etc. Specifically, the number of pediatric emergency care patients rose significantly. For example, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's Pediatric Emergency Care received 130 patients on Monday, highly likely due to the high level of epidemic prevention in the past, resulting in zero antibodies within children's bodies, rendering the "immunity debt" phenomenon. 

Wu Chang-tung, PEC Doctor, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital: “When our border controls are lifted, or when our personal epidemic prevention is relaxed, plus these viruses in fact are sort of making a counter-attack, so the number of children coming into emergency care is notably increasing. ”

Doctors note that pediatric rooms are almost at full occupancy, seemingly harking back to pre-pandemic. However, not just children, adult emergency care patients too are on the rise. Experts warn that the southern hemisphere, namely, Australia, has discovered that the flu and respiratory syncytial virus are making a fierce and swift appearance, raising the hospitalization rate for the elderly and children. When the border controls are lifted, people must stay alert.

Lee Jian-chang, Emergency Care Doctor, National Taiwan University Hospital: “RSV mainly targets infants, and infected infants may develop bronchiolitis and suffer from vehement coughing, concaved chest, and panting. The other likely group is senior elders, where similar symptoms develop in senior elders with RSV.”

Doctors remind the public that this year's flu will make a massive invasion, creating an influenza outbreak domestically. Therefore, it is important to get fully vaccinated with the requisite vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccine shots and flu shots. In addition, people should still upkeep high personal hygiene, including wearing a mask, frequent washing of hands, and maintaining social distance.









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