Latest Stats on Taipei Metro Harassment Released 北捷性騷擾案件 多碰觸被害者胸.臀部

Police statistics show 34 sexual harassment incidents have taken place on Taipei Metro through August this year. The majority involved perpetrators pretending to accidentally touch a victim's chest or butt. A women's group believes there are many more unreported cases.

A man wearing black presses his lower body against a passenger wearing white in front of him inside a Taipei Metro car. He was accused of repeatedly touching the other person's butt.

Victim: “I think I saw him coming out of the car.”

The victim immediately reported the incident to authorities when the metro reached the station. The police were able to apprehend the perpetrator.

Sung Chun-liang, Captain, Criminal Investigation Div., Rapid Transit Div., TCPD: “We were able to track down this man and process him for violations of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act using the description of his clothing provided by the person who reported the case and security camera footage from inside the car.”

The perpetrator was a 36-year-old man surnamed Liu who works in interior design. On Aug. 2, he took a Taipei Metro train from Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to Dongmen Station. He did not admit to committing the crime, claiming he collided with the victim because the car was swaying. On Taipei Metro, a common form of sexual harassment is the perpetrator pretending to accidentally touch a victim's butt or chest. Police statistics show there were 34 cases through the end of August. They account for 15 percent of all criminal cases.

Wang Shu-fen, Deputy CEO, Garden of Hope Foundation: “Perhaps you're not able to determine if it's sexual harassment, or you might just let it pass and not report it or respond. I think there are probably many unreported cases.”

The police say 27 cases have occurred inside metro cars, four at exits, two on platforms, and one on an escalator. Women's groups advise victims to loudly call for help and report cases. They should speak up even if the harassment lasts for just a few seconds.











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