High School Teachers Under Fire for Having Side Jobs 台中一中2師違法兼課 教學影片上傳網路

An anonymous tipster reported two Taichung First Senior High School teachers for having side jobs. One, a physics teacher surnamed Lin, posted video lessons online and admitted to a class of cram school students that he was breaking the rules by being there. School officials say an internal committee will decide how to proceed.

The cram school teacher is giving a physics lesson. In the middle of the lecture, the teacher tells the students that he is breaking the law by being there.

Mr. Lin, Teacher: “I am risking my life (to be here). Actually, not really. Actually, really. Last week, the director issued a warning, so of course, we are being more careful.”

Mr. Lin currently teaches at both the cram school and Taichung First Senior High School, and posts some of his lessons online. He says he has the side gigs because he doesn't make enough at his high school job. Someone reported both Lin and the other teacher, surnamed Liu, to the authorities for having side jobs.

Student: “If they have a better teaching method and they want to share it with others, it would benefit physics (education) in Taiwan.”

Student: “I don't think it's inappropriate, no matter what their reasons are.”

The school is convening its performance evaluation committee to review the matter and decide what the two teachers' punishment should be.

Wu Hsiao-chang, Director of Academic Affairs, Taichung First Senior High School: “We will go with the school's performance evaluation committee's decision. This is an internal matter.”

Kuo Ming-chou, Chief Secretary, Education Bureau, Taichung City: “The Education Bureau will continue asking schools to follow relevant guidelines and teachers to refrain from violating relevant regulations and being poor role models.”

The Taichung City Education Bureau says laws prohibit public high school teachers from having side jobs of any kind and the two teachers could be given demerits. The school says it doesn't have the authority to investigate but it will do its best to prevent this from happening again.













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