DPP Officially Nominates Cheng Yun-peng to Run for Taoyuan Mayor 民進黨中執會 正式徵召鄭運鵬參選桃園

DPP's Central Executive Committee officially nominated DPP legislator Cheng Yun-peng to run for Taoyuan mayor today. Cheng began his campaign itineraries this week. Meanwhile, Taiwan People Party candidate Lai Hsiang-ling once again advocated for development of diverse ethnic dialects to ensure the rights and succession of traditions of each ethnicity group.

This is the 5th day for Cheng Yun-peng as a DPP candidate for the Taoyuan mayor race. He arrived at the Taoyuan Federation of Occupation Labor on Aug. 17, where he talked about the fast economic growth of Taoyuan these past years, and its population growth being No. 1 in Taiwan, and proffered his labor policies, to be based on the incumbent mayor Cheng Wen-tsan's foundations but more refined.

Cheng Yun-peng, DPP Taoyuan Mayoral Candidate: “With Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan's fine foundations in the last 8 years, we can expand our services thereon. I believe as such both workers and unions would develop more trust.”

Taiwan People's Party Taoyuan mayoral candidate Lai Hsiang-ling purposely chose July 20 of the lunar calendar, namely, the Hakka Yimin Festival, to promote ethnic group policies. She noted that in the past, she's spared no effort in advocating for the Development of the Hakka Language Act and that every year, about 1 percent of Hakka speakers is lost. At this rate, in 40 years, the Hakka language will disappear. This crisis cannot solely depend on laws as the local government shares the responsibility to act on it first.

Lai Hsiang-ling, TPP Taoyuan Mayoral Candidate: “Among mother tongues dissipating, Hakka is the most serious. So I will first start opening vacancies and promotions for Hakka language teachers at Taoyuan City Education Bureau.”

Lai Hsiang-ling also mentioned that, as the No. 1 Hakka population city in Taiwan, as well as the incubator city of multiple cultures, including the military dependents' village, indigenous peoples, and new immigrants, Taoyuan ought to rebuild the cultural glory shared by diverse ethnic groups. The major impact Lin Chi-chien's thesis plagiarism appeared to have on DPP's Taoyuan mayor race seems to be somewhat controlled. On the 17th, DPP Central Executive Committee officially nominated legislator Cheng Yun-peng to take over and run for Taoyuan mayor.








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