Vietnamese Beauty Queen Helps Promote Illegal Agency 前越南選美皇后助拍片 共17人移送裁處

There are more than 60,000 undocumented migrant workers in Taiwan. A special task force from the National Immigration Agency in Kaohsiung found an illegal migrant worker agency operated by a Vietnamese migrant worker. A total of 17 people have to taken to the Labor Affairs Bureau for violating the Employment Service Act.

The special task force rushed up to subdue the person. Some others were found hiding in the farmland. They are all illegal migrant workers from Vietnam and were members of an illegal agricultural and industrial workers agency set up by an illegal immigrant known as A-Shen who stayed in Taiwan. These workers were introduced by the agency to work in Kaohsiung, Yunlin, and other places and harvest cabbage, corn, as well as fertilize and spray pesticides.

Yuan Kai, Deputy Captain, Kaohsiung Special Task Force, NIA: “A-Shen illegally engaged in agricultural work in the Yunlin area, with an average monthly income of NT$30,000. He also contacted relatives and friends, whom are legal migrant workers in Taiwan, to work illegally and split the rent. And to expand their work territory to other counties and cities.”

The group has been established for almost a year and has attracted 9 illegal immigrants to join. Some of them were legal migrant workers before. Others joined after watching propaganda videos from internet celebrities. 

“This is cabbage seed.”This naturalized new Vietnamese immigrant used to be a beauty queen in Vietnam and runs her own YouTube channel. She learned about this agency and helped to promote them. However, she did not know her actions violated the law.

Yuan Kai, Deputy Captain, Kaohsiung Special Task Force, NIA: “Vietnamese get married and come to Taiwan. The YouTuber, beauty queen Pei Pei, is a naturalized citizen. She learned that A-Shen was providing a free work agency service so she decided to help out by making a video.”

A-Shen said that he did not receive any agency fees from introducing other migrant workers. However, both the online influencer and A-Shen had violated the Employment Service Act and were transferred to the local government labor bureau. The special task force also reminded everyone that hiring unidentified foreigners to work illegally will result in a fine of NT$150,000 to NT$750,000, and a maximum fine of NT$500,000 for introducing illegal migrant workers to work.