Can Positive Rapid Test Result Serve as COVID-19 Confirmation for Insurance? 快篩陽視同確診 引防疫保單失效疑慮

The Central Epidemic Command Center's latest revision on COVID-19 guidelines states that positive rapid test result are now considered as confirmation for COVID-19. Many wonder how rapid test results can be used as claim for COVID-19 insurance. The Non-Life Insurance Association said this situation is currently under discussion. 

The doctor is teaching the person through video calls on how to administer the rapid test and make sure if the person has tested positive. The Central Epidemic Command Center has announced starting on Wednesday, May 12, individuals who test positive with rapid test kits would be considered as a confirmed case once the test result is verified by medical personnel. However, some doctors worry about the loopholes.

Zen Lin, Chair, ROC Primary Care Association: “If someone wants to get compensated from insurance, he or she could just take anyone's positive rapid test result and say that it's his or hers, then what? Taipei City's statistics show that almost 90 percent of positive rapid test results turn out to be positive after PCR tests as well. So if you are worried about fake positives, you can do two rapid tests to confirm.”

People rushed to buy COVID-19 insurance plans as the pandemic started to surge again in Taiwan. However, the government has given up on the zero-COVID strategy and is now working towards co-existing with the virus. Many people worry that COVID-19 insurances would stop working now that rapid test results are to replace PCR tests for COVID-19 confirmation.

Lu I-ching, Insurance broker: “I asked Hotai Insurance and others. Their response was that home quarantine is not considered hospitalization. Fubon Life Insurance said, however, that home quarantine for them is considered hospitalization. Many of my clients say, "What is the use of buying these insurances after all?" People need to stay at home for quarantine once they have tested positive, it's not like they can still go to public places or go to work.”

The Financial Supervisory Commission is asking the insurance association to come up with clear and updated guidelines for claiming compensation as soon as possible, to state whether positive test results can replace PCR test results from the hospital as proof of getting COVID-19. The Non-Life Insurance Association had said on the 5th that they will discuss quickly on this. 









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