3+4 Home Quarantine Plan Is Unfeasible and Pointless: Huang 居隔縮短為3+4 黃珊珊:台北市不可行

However, Taipei City Deputy Mayor Vivian Huang says the new "3+4" plan is unfeasible. Meanwhile, Clara Chou is saying she only tested positive because of a hospital mixup.

Secondary and vocational schools in Taipei will be holding classes remotely for another week starting on the 25th. The central government has announced a new "3+4" home quarantine plan that Taipei City Deputy Mayor Vivian Huang says is pointless.  

Vivian Huang, Taipei City Deputy Mayor: “There are 4-5,000 people quarantining at home. If they quarantine at home for three days, I can't even tell you the actual number of people in quarantine. That's why this plan is unfeasible. Taipei and New Taipei want to try a "self-health management plus rapid screening" format instead.”

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je says the central government needs to figure out the details before implementing the change.  Meanwhile, the Taipei City Department of Health was accused of giving Media personality Clara Chou special privileges by sending a Wanfang Hospital official to her home to give her a PCR test.  

Ko Wen-je, Taipei City Mayor: “(She's) directing her "special privilege" talk to the wrong place. You all should inquire with the Centers for Disease Control.”

Huang Shier-chieh, Taipei City Health Commissioner: “We couldn't get a disease prevention taxi at the time, so she asked him to go to her home. If Wanfang Hospital consents to it, it's fine.”

The department says Wanfang Hospital was not the one that made these arrangements. The hospital, meanwhile, released a statement saying this was a personal decision by an individual doctor but it will review the matter internally. Chou also said on Facebook that she was never infected and she only tested positive because New Taipei City Hospital contaminated her test sample.

Chang Bao-chy, New Taipei City Hospital Clinical Pathology Chief: “She tested positive on two separate tests performed on two different instruments. We also sent the sample to Kunyang Laboratory to retest. That result also came back positive.”

New Taipei City Hospital has shot down Chou's contamination claim. It also says Chou's test result was certified by Kunyang Laboratory on the 20th. However, her Ct value was very high, indicating she was at the tail-end of infection.