Luo Chih-chiang Announces Taoyuan Mayor Candidacy 羅智強宣布參選桃園市長 辭藍副秘書長

Taipei City Councilor Luo Chih-chiang issued a declaration on the Taoyuan City mayor race, saying he will take part in the KMT primaries but respect his party's final decision.

Taipei City Councilor Luo Chih-chiang announced plans to run for Taoyuan City mayor on Facebook and took part in a press conference to show his determination in the Kuomintang's primaries on the 6th.

Luo Chih-chiang, KMT Deputy Secretary-General: “I will take part in the primaries. I am running, and I will work hard to be the strongest candidate. However, if the party decides through its (primary) mechanisms that Luo Chih-chiang is not the strongest candidate, I will respect that decision 100 percent and throw my full support behind the KMT candidate.”

Luo also announced he was resigning as KMT deputy secretary-general, but said he has not made a decision about resigning his city council seat. He also said he will give the party's primary mechanism as much space and flexibility as needed. There are rumors that KMT Chair Eric Chu recently asked Luo to withdraw from the race. Other potential KMT candidates for Taoyuan City mayor include lawmakers Lu Yu-ling, Wan Mei-ling and Lu Ming-che.

Lu Yu-ling, Legislator (KMT): “The party has its primary mechanisms and I respect the party's decision.”

Wan Mei-ling, Legislator (KMT): “As of right now, I think it would help party unity if there is some kind of coordination effort first.”

Lu Yu-ling says everyone is worried the situation could turn into a free-for-all if the party doesn't get its act together, which would hurt both the KMT and Taoyuan City. Seven months remain until the elections, but the KMT has not yet finalized its list of candidates. The KMT has so far confirmed only Tainan City Councilor Hsieh Lung-chieh as its Tainan City mayor candidate and incumbent Yang Wen-ke as its Hsinchu County magistrate candidate.











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