One Confirmed COVID-19 Case at Bureau of Labor Insurance 勞保局1話務員確診 匡列採檢69人皆陰性

One confirmed COVID-19 case has been found under the Bureau of Labor Insurance workplace. Fortunately, all 69 employees who have come into contact with the confirmed case were tested negative. 

An outsourced call center representative working for the Bureau of Labor Insurance is confirmed with COVID-19 on the 28th. The representative felt sick earlier and went to the hospital to get tested. Out of concern for other colleagues, the representative took a day off from work. In the meantime, all 69 employees that work along with the representative got tested as well and fortunately, all results came out negative.

Hsu Chen-yuan, Chief Secretary, Bureau of Labor Insurance: “There are 69 employees in total that work at the call center. The Department of Health has ordered all to quarantine at home for the time being.”

Hsu Ming-chun, Minister, Ministry of Labor: “This certain call center representative only talks on the phone and has not been in contact with the public. There is no need for alarm.”

In Taoyuan, 48 migrant workers from Thailand who work at the Datan Power Plant fell ill to COVID-19. Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun visited these workers at the government quarantine facility on the 28th. Many of these workers are asymptomatic. Hsu reassured them that they will still get paid during quarantine.

Hsu Ming-chun, Minister, Ministry of Labor: “I reassured them of their labor rights and that they will continue to get paid during this period of time, so please abide by the quarantine measures.”

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) said they will require employers of migrant workers and labor brokers to strictly enforce COVID-19 regulations and penalties at the dormitories. The MOL shall inspect large migrant worker dormitories from time to time. If living conditions are below standards, dormitories will be required to make proper changes within three months to prevent forming further COVID-19 clusters.