Mirror News Gets Third Chair in One Year 鏡電視董座又換人 一年內已連換3任

C. Chuang
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Mirror TV Chairperson Lee Yung-feng resigned, just 11 days after he took the position. Lee also became the third person to have departed from the post in the company's one-year history, leading to speculations that it has some internal operational issues.

On March 15, Mirror News Chairperson Lee Yung-feng resigned, just 11 days after becoming chairperson. Its board then passed a resolution to convene a shareholders' meeting and increase capital soon in accordance with the requirements that came with the National Communications Commission approving its broadcasting license. It also appointed director Yang Ya-che as the new chair. Mirror News obtained the license on Jan. 19. On March 4, then-Chairperson Chen Jian-ping was dismissed following allegations he interfered in the operations of the news department. Lee then took over. Mirror News has changed its chairperson three times within one year. Scholars say there may be internal operational issues.

Lai Hsiang-wei, Professor, Dept. of Radio and Television, NTUA: “The system will tell us whether Mirror News has any operational issues, whether it is capable of resolving them in the future, and how they will be resolved if they can be resolved. If they can't be resolved, then you have to take a step back and the issue of revoking the license will have to be discussed.”

Mirror News isn't on air yet, but it has already changed its chair three times. At the end of 2020, CTi News' broadcasting license expired and was not renewed. CTS took over the channel it occupied, but part of it has remained unused for nearly half a year. The National Policy Foundation says the NCC shouldn't have double standards.

Chu Jui-ting, Associate Researcher, Sustainability Division, NPF: “Were there any disagreements or controversies between the board of directors and shareholders that the NCC took into consideration but then let pass to grant Mirror News the license? These issues have now really happened, and the NCC should publicly announce its criteria for reviewing cases, including which cases are reviewed at which times.”

The NCC declined to comment, and its handling of the Mirror News case will be closely scrutinized.