Taiwan Platform for Ukraine Donations Hacked 台烏募款平台上線第2天 遭海外駭客攻擊

Ukraine has appealed for global assistance after it was invaded by Russia. A fundraising platform set up by a group of Taiwanese and Ukrainian youths was targeted by hackers with a distributed denial-of-service attack one day after going online. It is unknown where the hackers are based.

A fundraising platform for Ukraine set up by Taiwanese and Ukrainian youths went down just one day after it went online, reportedly due to a distributed denial-of-service attack. This prevented people wanting to donate money from accessing or using the website. The admin then discovered the platform had been targeted in a DDoS attack.

Vincent Chao, Ukraine Fundraising Platform Creator: “It looks like they used a DDoS attack to paralyze the service, because many users accessed the platform and overloaded the systems. We know that the website only has a capacity of several million bits per second. We think this shows that this was an organized attack.”

Many people have protested the invasion of Ukraine, some by taking to the streets and others by donating money. According to the website, over 1,000 donations with a total value of NT$1.4 million were made as of 11 a.m. on March 2.

Vincent Chao, Ukraine Fundraising Platform Creator: “It has already reached about NT$1.4 million, and it's still rising. This is much higher than what we expected. We were planning on giving donors face masks to thank them, and now we have to print more. I think the Taiwanese are quite willing to use actions to support Ukraine and its fight.”

This platform wasn't set up to receive donations. Instead, it was to help Taiwanese people wanting to donate money to Ukraine to verify the validity of recipient bank accounts and prevent fraud. That's why it didn't take any special security precautions. Now, it has added anti-hacker mechanisms and is also trying to identify the hackers.